John Locke Essay Competition

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John Locke essay competition

The John Locke Institute promotes the growth of the abilities that enable bright students to become great authors in young people. This essay contest invites students to research a range of challenging and fascinating topics outside the purview of the required curriculum. Taking part in John Locke Essay Competition enhances one’s knowledge and reasoning abilities. Students from any university and country are welcome to participate. There are two categories in the competition: a high school category for participants between the ages of 15 and 18 and a junior prize category for participants between the ages of 14 and 13.

What is the John Locke essay competition?

The John Locke Institute, a non-profit institution of higher learning with offices in Oxford, UK, hosts the John Locke Essay Competition. The John Locke Institute employs professors from prominent institutions like Oxford, Princeton, Brown, and Buckingham University.

The John Locke Institute urges young people to develop the qualities of great authors, including independence of thought, breadth of knowledge, clarity of reasoning, critical analysis, and persuasiveness. Students are pushed to investigate a variety of issues outside the scope of their academic programme.

The competitiveness of undergraduate admissions at American, Canadian, and British colleges can be significantly increased by winning prizes in the competition. Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Chicago, Oxford, Cambridge, University of Toronto, and other prestigious ivy league schools have formerly admitted students.

Participants may be students from any country and institution. The tournament has two levels: a high school level for students between the ages of 15 and 18; and a junior prize level for middle school children between the ages of 14 and 13.

Less than 2000 words must be used in the argumentative essay that students must submit. Philosophy, history, psychology, politics, economics, theology, and law are the major themes of the competitions.

What pupils’ academic skills are evaluated through the John Locke Essay Competition?

  • Basic knowledge of ideas and principles in philosophy, politics, economics, history, psychology, theology, or the law.
  • Mastery of fundamental writing structures and expertise in argumentative essay writing.
  • Autonomous thought, logical analysis techniques, and written persuasion.

What’s the argumentative essay’s basic format?

An argumentative essay differs from other types in that it needs to have a simple, understandable structure and a strong point of view and supporting evidence.

An effective argumentative essay should have the following format:

  • Introduction
    This paragraph should give a general overview of the subject under debate and provide background information relevant to your argument.
  • Thesis statement
    Here, students should state their position and the supporting evidence they will use to support it. The significant views covered in the body paragraphs should be introduced in the thesis statement, which should concisely expose your main point.
  • Body
    A body paragraph explains the primary arguments supporting the thesis. If one wants to focus on three primary ideas, only one notion should be included in each body paragraph. To increase credibility and win readers’ trust, one can back up their arguments with examples, research, studies, statistics, and other data. One can also raise competing opinions in the body paragraphs and explain why one disagrees with them. The main goals of the argument are to express your viewpoint, justify the reader’s acceptance of it, and support any contrary claims with solid evidence.
  • Conclusion
    In conclusion, one should restate their thesis and summarise their points. The hardest part of writing a conclusion is making it personal by inserting an anecdote or a personal experience related to the subject.

What awards will be given away in the John Locke Essay Competition?

The John Locke Essay Competition winners can anticipate a variety of benefits. First, JLI grants the category winners USD 2,000 to go toward the expenses of attending any of their programmes.

A scholarship worth USD 10,000 is awarded to the best overall essay winner to join JLI summer school and gap year programmes.

In addition to monetary awards, winners receive the chance to network with judges and academics at the JLI and have their essays featured on the JLI website.


Hundreds of students compete in the prestigious John Locke Essay Competition each year. They put in great performances in this fiercely competitive essay competition each year. They submit work that has already been selected for the John Locke Competition with the help of their committed mentors, who are competition specialists.

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