Admissions for 2023 Cohort Closing Soon

Fee Structure and Policy

The Fee Structure and Policy at 21K School World Campus, is simple, affordable and pragmatic, with multiple payment options and terms.

To apply for the 2023 cohort, please submit your application online with a non-refundable enrolment fee of $50.

The fee structure for the 2023 cohort is listed below. You can save more costs this year, thanks to early bird discounts and rebates if you enrol a child now.

Programme Full-time (per year) Part-time (per subject) Learning Kit (for full-time learners only)
Early Years $ 3,750 Not Available $ 175
Cambridge Primary $ 4,800 $960 $ 300
Cambridge Lower Secondary $ 5,500 $1,100 $ 400
Cambridge Upper Secondary
– O Level
$ 6,750 $ 1350 $ 450
Cambridge Advanced Level
– AS Level
– A Level
$ 7,400 $ 2450 $ 500
Edexcel International GCSE $ 6,750 $ 1350 $ 500
Edexcel International Advanced Level $ 7,400 $ 2450 $ 500

Rebates and Scholarships:

Family concession

If two or more learners of the same family are studying at 21K School, a family concession would be provided for the younger sibling only. The rebate permissible is 10% on School Fee. This rebate cannot be combined with any other scholarship, rebate, or waiver of fees.

Rebate on Annual Fees

Learners can get a rebate of 5% on payment of complete annual fees at the time of admission or within two weeks of the start of the Cohort.

Referral Rebates

Learners can get a referral rebate of $300 per learner enrolled through their reference and upon payment of Term 1 fees.

Covid-related Scholarship

We offer a few scholarships to learners impacted due to the Covid-related deaths of both parents. Please contact our Admissions Advisor for more information.

Alumni Status

Learners who pass out from 21K School in Grade 10 or 12 will get free membership to 21K School Alumni.

Additional Cost:

  1. Enrolment Fee is $25 and is paid once at the time of admission. No additional admission fee or testing fee is charged.
  2. Annual Service Fee of $900 is applicable for all full-time students. This fee is waived-off for Learners enrolling before 30th November.
  3. Late payment charges of $10 per day will be levied if the fee is not paid within the due date.
  4. Additional delivery charges for any documents are charged at $ 60 per instance.
  5. Any additional electives or programs under 21K Skills or outbound learning programs will be charged separately and are not included above.
  6. An additional school fee will be applicable for children with Special Education Needs (SEN) as determined by the School Counsellor before admission.
  7. Request for Change of Grade, Curriculum, Bonafide Certificate, additional documents, duplicate copies of marks sheet / revised fee receipts, or Duplicate transfer certificate/school leaving certificates will attract payment of $50/-per instance. Any international courier charges, if required, will be additional.

Important Notes:

  1. All figures are in US Dollars.
  2. After enrolment, the admission is processed by paying the fee in Instalments or full-year fee
  3. 10% of the School Fee Component is collected at the time of admission. The rest is payable in two equal instalments as per the following schedule:
    a. 30 days before the end of Semester 1
    b. 30 days before the end of Semester 2
  4. The Learning Kit Fee is payable at the time of admission. It includes a physical kit, digital resources and shipping charges.
  5. Fee includes Assessment Charges of 21K School but excludes any third party assessments, cost of physical examination/testing centre, examination fee, delivery of hard copies of grade transcripts and other documents as may be requested by the parents.
  6. Transfer Certificate / School Leaving Certificate is issued on request to learners who have completed an academic year with 21K & cleared all the dues.
  7. Change of Batch timings can be done thrice a year at no additional cost, subject to the availability of seats in the preferred Batch.
  8. No Dues Certificate from 21K School is required for attempting any term-end Examinations.
  9. Fees must be paid online through the Invoice/ link provided.
  10. All payments must be made online using our payment link. We do not accept cash/cheque/demand drafts.
  11. No component of the fee is refundable, in part or whole, under any circumstances.
  12. The fee structure of 21K School is governed by its rules, policies, terms and conditions and as amended from time to time by the Management at its sole discretion.

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