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Valerie Smith


21K – The Best Online School! The teaching methodology is commendable for its use of live worksheets, quizzes, and games. My son, Geoffrey, waits for these sessions; he tends to learn lessons faster. The culture of engaging every learner is praiseworthy. It allows learners in the class to speak their minds and share ideas. Teachers are very caring; they maintain constant communication and respond well to the parents. The online portal is well designed and user-friendly. We consider 21k to be one of the best online schools.

Hugo Muller


I am thankful to the teaching staff, technical team, customer support, and the team of 21K school for making education fun. My daughter enjoys attending classes. She has learnt how to paint. This shows learners in 21K School are offered a stress-free environment. Amelie will enjoy her journey in 21K school.

Andre Blanchet


Teachers are fun, super friendly and make online learning extremely easy. The teaching methods and techniques applied are well-planned and articulated. Teachers pay attention to each kid and respect their opinion while giving constructive feedback. Zoe now has friends from all over the world.



My daughter, Eline, did grade 6 from 21k school. We found this school online, and the admission process was easy. The class teacher was very approachable. She clarified all doubts and provided academic assistance.

Stella Roberts


Lucas enjoys all classes, activities and projects throughout his grade 2 year. One of his environmental upkeep projects was displayed at a children’s fair in Stratford. We, as parents, are delighted to see our child blossom into an all-rounder. Teachers are qualified, caring, and patient. We are happy with the 21K school. Thank you, Team 21K.

Mohammad Arshaan Hussain


We are pleased with new-age practical teaching methods at 21K school. My son, Yousuf, has been learning software coding really fast. Additionally, 21k school provides a portal where expert explanations and study concepts videos are available. As every learner has a different learning style, 21K School also supports slow learners and learners who get distracted by large groups. Since my son is a slow learner, 21K School helped him with its range of personalised training methods and resources.

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