Admissions for 2023 Cohort Closing Soon

Admission Journey

We are currently taking enrolments for the 2023 cohort. You can apply under all programmes with an option to study full-time or part-time, subject to the availability of seats. Age will be one criterion to ensure appropriate grade placement, especially in the Early Years and Cambridge Primary. Relaxation in age and Grade Acceleration may be offered case-to-case basis as determined by our School Counsellors.

Admissions Process


The first step in the enrollment process is to complete the application CLICK HERE. There is a non-refundable administration fee payable for the submission of the application.

Confirmation :

A video interaction or diagnostic assessment will be conducted if required. Once you receive a confirmation email, pay the school fees and learning kit charges as per your preferred plan (either lump sum or in instalments).

Get Started:

Following submission of the fees, we send the learning kit to your home.

To get started –

  • Complete the Learner Profile Form together with the supporting documents as needed.
  • Complete the mandatory training
  • Install the 21K Learning Platform on your preferred device
  • Attend the Parent Orientation Programme

Basic Requirements

  • High-Speed Internet (min 10 Mbps)
  • Desktop or Laptop with webcam and headphones
  • Dedicated Study Space
  • Learning Kit
  • Learning Coach* (Mandatory for Early Years Programme)

*The Learning Coach is a parent or a competent adult who can supervise the live classes and follow up with the homework schedule.

Learners should keep their webcams on for better face-to-face engagement. All class sessions will be recorded for academic purposes, and consent is mandatory at the time of enrolment unless forbidden by law.

If you have questions or concerns about the process and steps, please contact our Admissions Advisor here.

Documents Required for School Admission

  • A copy of your child’s birth certificate
  • Valid National Identity Card of Parent / Guardians and Child
  • A Passport size photo of your child (white background)
  • Transfer Certificate / School Leaving Certificate, if applicable
  • A recent report from the child’s previous school

Note: We adhere to industry-standard data privacy and security measures.

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