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Online British Education

In addition to being the third biggest financial center in the world and the site of renowned landmarks like the towering Supertree Grove and the UNESCO World Heritage Botanic Gardens, the small tropical island Singapore is a former British colony. As a result, it is home to a diverse cultural community that includes the Peranakan, Chinese, Indian, and Malay peoples, upscale shopping centers, mouthwatering street cuisine, and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Foreign Nationals from The United Kingdom Residing In Singapore

In Singapore’s total population of five million, around 49,000 are British ex-pats. It has been stated that the quality of life there is superior for British ex-pats. However, the education expense for non-Singaporean citizens, such as British ex-pats, is much more significant.

Despite devoting 20% of the national budget to education, fees are very costly for international students since this funding primarily goes to locals. Therefore, obtaining an exemption from the Ministry of Education and meeting a baseline requirement is necessary for homeschooling to be permitted in Singapore.

Courses Taken Via The Internet

Online learning not only gives a chance to outperform this standard but also stands as a comprehensive replacement for expensive private and overseas schools. Without assistance from the government, many newcomers to Singapore cannot afford the exorbitant expense of quality education.

This last decade has witnessed a meteoric rise in the popularity of British online schools. They make it possible for students anywhere in the globe to take courses leading up to the IGCSEs, AS, and A2 levels of the English National Curriculum from trained and experienced instructors. This may be a cheaper and more versatile way for ex-pats to continue their children’s education while living in another country.

As an alternative to homeschooling or very costly foreign schools, why may British ex-pats want to think about enrolling their children in an online school? For the following four reasons: –

1. Globally competitive, elite education: –

We offer the British National Curriculum and qualified teachers. Our crew has a century of teaching experience in the UK.

Virtual classroom professors give interesting, interactive courses, relevant assignments, and individualized study programs to help students realize their most significant potential. Instructional models are more British.

Everyone values UK degrees and certificates. IGCSE and A-level are widely acknowledged by colleges and employers worldwide; thus, many consider them the pinnacle of evaluation. We follow the British National Curriculum via IGCSE. Priority is helping pupils prepare for area standardized assessments.

If they return to the UK, they may quickly rejoin conventional schooling. More education improves future job prospects. Encouraging their children to pursue educational and professional objectives will help them thrive in the global labor market.

2. Schools in the US are less expensive than their overseas counterparts: –

Education for British ex-pats in Singapore may be expensive. An HSBC research from 2017 indicated that Singaporean school tuition was the third highest in the world.

Some people believe that sending their kids to an expensive foreign school is the best way to ensure they get the highest quality education. However, at a fraction of the expense of international schools, online education may provide children access to a first-rate education.

3. Adjust to your way of living: –

Students who study from home avoid the difficulty of navigating public transit in a new place instead of depending on their parents to pick them up from school at ungodly hours.

Early afternoon is when school concludes. Without early mornings, young people have more energy and leisure to enjoy Singapore.

This permits students to participate in co-curricular activities like orchestra, debate club, sports, extra courses, volunteer, or acquire part-time work to boost their university application.

You can teach students from anywhere with a stable internet connection. This shouldn’t affect the school year for busy families. When qualified teachers offer the curriculum, parents don’t have to put in as much work or time.

4. Fosters reliance on oneself and self-control: –

Students enrolled in online courses must develop the self-discipline to log in on time, finish assignments, and seek assistance when necessary. This helps them become more self-motivated, a must for success in further education and the workforce.


There are several upsides to completing a high-quality British education online. First, they may join a global network of self-motivated students and use their newfound spare time to explore everything Singapore offers, make new friends, and indulge in their favorite activities.

It is more cost-effective than international schooling, of higher quality, and up to par with British norms; it is also more individualized and responsive to each student’s learning style and pace, eliminating the waste of time and energy that characterizes traditional classroom instruction.

Thanks to this individualized strategy, parents may help their kids reach their academic and professional goals. In addition, they will be able to get degrees recognized worldwide for a fraction of the normal price.


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