Studying A Levels Online – What to Expect

21K School · Mar 29, 2023 · 4 min read

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Is it possible to take A levels online? Yes, is the short and right response. People continue to believe that A Levels can be studied online, although online learning is becoming increasingly popular. Most of the time, studying for A Levels doesn’t bring to mind studying online. Students often study for A Levels at a school or college in the UK. However, thanks to online learning and education, students can now study for their A-Levels worldwide.

What is meant by A-level courses?

A-levels are internationally recognized credentials that are necessary for enrollment in numerous colleges and professional training programs all over the world. A-level coursework typically begins between the ages of 17 and 18 for students. A-levels can support pursuing their ideal career, admission to a local or international institution or university, or exploration of their favorite subjects.

Universities worldwide utilize A-Levels, a UK credential, to evaluate their students’ performance. They offer colleges a quick and easy way to verify that applicants to their degree programs possess the necessary skills to effectively complete the course by ranking them based on their grades and UCAS points.

How does one take A Levels online?

The following steps are relatively simple after one has opted to study for their A levels online: –

●       Knowing the subjects one wishes to learn is the first step. Finding out which A-level courses are required for the degree one wishes to pursue is the easiest way to accomplish this.

●       Next, look for an institution that offers the courses online. A fast Google search should yield a comprehensive list of the universities (like Open College) that offer the A Levels one wants.

●       The final step is simply signing up for the courses to begin one’s education. That’s how easy it is.

How does one take exams while they study online?

Even if they study remotely from home, online school students still take their exams on campus. Exams for the international A-level can be taken in testing centers worldwide.

If one attends an online school, he/she must enroll in a recognized exam center and register in advance as a private candidate for exams. These authorized testing centers are the only locations where students can take their A-level exams. Exams are given in the right center, and certified examiners mark the students’ papers.

Why should one study for A Levels online?

●       Adaptable study – One has the freedom to choose where and when to study if one chooses to self-study for their A Levels. Therefore, they can study at work during lunch if they so choose. Again, they are allowed to limit their study time to the weekends.

●       Possibility of accelerating the studies – A Levels are often studied for two years in school or college. However, one can condense their studies into a year and finish their A Levels more quickly if they want to self-study their courses. They learn in a way that works for them. It’s no secret that everyone is unique, and as a result, all people prefer learning in different ways. One can therefore select the study strategies that work for them when it comes to self-studying for the A Levels.

●       Showcase one’s self-discipline to universities – One quality universities look for in prospective students is the capacity for independent study. Therefore, studying independently for the A Levels offers a prospective university everything.

●       Less strain and stress on oneself to perform well in class -When someone self-study for their A Levels. One can just slow down and give themselves time to learn anything if they don’t understand it completely. Concerns about falling behind classmates are unfounded.


Distance learning teaches everyone how to study independently, a skill they’ll need to thrive in university. It also allows one to learn in the comfort of their own home, at their own pace.

Also, remember that distance learning entails adopting a novel approach beyond the classroom, which can significantly boost the application to the best universities in the world, the majority of which are in the US and UK!

So, whether one is applying to Oxford University, Stanford University, or the London School of Economics and Politics, one’s decision to study online may help one stand out from the tens of thousands of other candidates and be accepted.


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