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International GCSE

International GCSEs is not a term many people are familiar with. But those aspiring to work in the UK or abroad are definitely aware of it. People already residing in the UK are well aware of GCSEs, mainly because it’s an important exam to appear for. 

These are the exams taken by 16-year-olds for the standard school qualifications. This concept has now become familiar and adopted internationally in various other schools. 

Even the UK has announced its International GCSEs. International GCSEs have become a door to new and exciting opportunities for education, employment or University enrollment. Anyone can take this exam, be it a non-British residing in the UK, a British person in the UK, or a British Expat. 

This blog will aim to answer basic yet essential questions about International GCSEs. There will also be a brief yet important mention of the differences and similarities between standard GCSEs conducted in the UK and the international GCSEs.

The questions that will be answered include:

  • What are GCSEs?
  • Who are these GCSEs conducted for?
  • What is the marking system for GCSEs?
  • What are the benefits that follow GCSEs?

Understanding International GCSEs

To simplify the understanding of International GCSEs, one can term them a version of standard UK GCSEs conducted internationally. GCSEs stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education. 

The course for applying to the International GCSEs lasts for 2 years. During these two years, children aged 14-16 are prepared to take the exam. The course ends with an exam. This course is in coordination with Year 1 being Year 11 and Year 2 being Year 11. 

There is no difference between the stature of International GCSEs and those in the UK. These scores will help a person score any University of their choice worldwide. This course and exam clearance provide all the necessary skills to progress in one’s career and education. The knowledge must be equivalent to A levels or International A levels, making the student a good candidate for a prospective University of their liking. 

International GCSEs: Best suited for? 

The GCSE International exam is brought together to help students worldwide. It instils skills and abilities to make the students best suited for international needs if they choose a career abroad or in the UK. The course and exam pose thorough learning and evaluation of:

  • Internationally relevant topics
  • Culturally sensitive contents
  • Local contexts that are added to the course

Local context has been added to the course to make the students relate more to the International GCSEs. Benefits gained from International GCSEs as an individual are academically inclined. This course enriches a student’s education with global awareness.  They are the best to help students excel anywhere in the UK and outside. 

International GCSEs: Assessment Basis 

The grading scales for international GCSEs are similar to that of the UK GCSEs. They have been built to use a scale of 9-1. The recent introduction of the scale led to the replacement of the A-G system. It is known to evaluate the performance more precisely.  

UK GCSEs and International GCSEs: Differences

UK GCSEs and international GCSEs differ from each other. The UK GCSEs assess every external grade work throughout the years 10 and 11 to finally grade the student. Due to a lack of external coursework, International GCSEs are based on marks scored in the exam. 

How to study International GCSEs online?

International GCSEs are very easy to study through an online medium. They have become a common choice of reference around the world. There is an actual availability of courses to study for GCSEs online. This can be used by students aspiring to sit for International GCSEs. There are several course subjects available for International GCSEs. The most important include:

  • English Literature and Language
  • Business
  • Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Mathematics
  • Geography
  • History

Online education for International GCSEs has many different benefits. These benefits can be summarised as:

  • Availability of live lectures
  • Attending lectures from home
  • Receiving reports of your performance at regular intervals
  • Getting the best faculty to support you through the doubts
  • Getting regular homework to check your progress.


International GCSEs are no less than the standard GCSEs in the UK. The difference between these GCSEs is that international GCSEs are more inclined toward evaluating a student on international standards, and standard GCSEs are more UK-centric!


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