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Welcome to 21K School

21K school is a one-of-its-kind online school in the Hongkong that allows children to learn, innovate, grow and move with the times, all from the comfort of their homes. Set up in 2020, today, the 21K community involves over 7,500 learners from 78 countries and 500 plus facilitators. 21K World School was created to provide credible online schooling options through the digital medium. As an internationally accredited online school in Hongkong, we are not just academicians. We are a community of thinkers, doers, learners, and visionaries.

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Early Years
4-5 Years

The phase focused on the formative development of our learners

Primary Years Programme
5-11 Years

The phase focused on nurturing habits of minds

Secondary School
11-14 Years

The phase focused on developing independent thinking skills

Cambridge IGCSE / O Levels
14-16 Years

The phase focused on developing critical skills in your child

16-18 Years

The phase focused on developing professional career and vocational skills.

What Sets Us Apart?

We are pioneers in proffering personalised, affordable,high-quality lessons using an advanced learning platform

Each learner at 21K can choose from Cambridge International or Edexcel, UK examinations which are accepted by more than 2000 universities and schools across the globe

We are proud to have a highly qualified team of experienced facilitators who undergo extensive training to become experts in the art and science of online instruction

Through project-based learning focused on problem-solving, collaboration, and real-world experiences, we hope to prepare our learners to succeed in School and beyond

We are a growing community of diverse, international learners who are passionate, driven and share the joy of learning

Our mission is to make learning engaging, exciting and accessible for all learners. We believe in the power of education to transform lives, unlock potential and shape the future

A Personalized
Education Experience, Online

World-class Education - Anytime, Anywhere

Unlock your full potential with 21K

How 21K Online School Works?

Live Classs

All classes are conducted live on our online school proprietary LMS designed for School Learners and parents. The live, engaging classes are conducted by native-English Facilitators with great experience and qualifications, as required by Cambridge and Edexcel. The classroom sessions are complemented with immersive audio-visual elements, skill-building games and participatory sessions to retain children's attention in our virtual live class meetings.

Engaging Pedagogy

Certified facilitators at 21K have undergone rigorous training to become experts in online education delivery. We use a blend of activity-based and inquiry-based approaches to ensure that each learner understands the concepts well. As we maintain a healthy student-teacher ratio, every child is attended to in the classroom.

Exceptional Curriculum

21K School is accredited by Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CAIE), UK and Pearson Edexcel, UK, to offer K 12 Programmes online. We focus on flexibility, transparency and quality learning using a skill-based approach. Along with core subjects, we bring many languages and capstone courses, including Computational Thinking and Coding, to help learners develop critical 21st-century skills.

More Choice and Voice

Being a digital-first online school, we transcend the limitations of conventional schooling to offer more choice and voice to learners. Learners can select different curricula, convenient Batch Timings, large optional subjects including languages, and participate in unique activities throughout the year. Our personalised learning platform offers additional resources for remedial and enrichment learning.

Our Learning Platform

Clear Progress Tracking

21K School Digital learning platform provides student-centric information on the home page.

Easy Communication

The platform bridges the communication between the parent and the teacher via the messaging system.

Comprehensive course materials

Our platform provides teachers with many features that make creating and sharing courses easier.

How to start your online journey with 21K School?

21K School aims to provide students with the best online schooling experience regardless of location. You can apply under all programmes with an option to study full-time or part-time, subject to the availability of seats.

There are 3 easy steps to join 21K


The first step in the enrollment process is to complete the application form. There is a non-refundable administration fee payable for the submission of the application


A video interaction or diagnostic assessment will be conducted if required. Once you receive aconfirmation email, pay the school fees and learning kit charges as per your preferred plan (either lump sum or in instalments)

Get Started

Following the submission of the fees; we send the learning kit to your home

Once admission is complete, our team will take steps to ensure you are set up for online learning

Parent Testimonials

Testimonials are a way for our families to express their feelings towards 21K and continue to support our school. Read some of our parent testimonials.

As a parent, we always want to give our children the best of the world. Ever since COVID pandemic, we have been worried about providing global-standard education to our children, but 21K has been a blessing. From advanced level education to the British curriculum, my kids are getting the best of everything

Chan Lee, Parent,


When I think back, I was very scared to let my child enrol in an online school. I am not technically smart, but my kid is and the best thing about 21K is that they offer parents orientation also. The management understands our problem and offers solutions. It’s indeed admirable to see how my child has blossomed over time to be a better person every day

Lau Shi, Parent,

Tsuen Wan New Town

Facilitators at 21K School are certain and competent, they emphasise on advancing students’ understanding rather than simply teaching them. I love my classes and my facilitators always conductas special activities at the end of the week, which I look forward to.

Ming Chi, 12 Year,


As a music student, I wanted to dedicate my time to my passion as well as education. When my friend introduced me to 21K, I didn’t know that it was what I was looking for. Flexible classes, advanced curriculum, and global reach are just some of the many perks of this international standard online school

Sheng Lam, 10 Year,

Northern Hong Kong Island

21K felt like home from the first day. I never thought of it as an online school or a part-time education. We learn everything just the way we do in a physical school. My parents and I are happy

Ming Chính, 15 years,

Tai Po New Town



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21K School welcomes learners from around the world and offers 5 batch timings to suit your child's schedule regardless of where you are. We are pioneers in offering the highest quality education tailored to your child's needs and abilities. Our passionate teachers believe in creating an interactive learning environment that encourages inquisitiveness, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

Yes, 21K School provides a British curriculum. Our curricular model follows the framework of Pearson, the largest awarding organisation in the UK. This framework allows our students to pursue qualifications that are recognised and accepted by universities in the UK and other countries around the world

The answer is yes; age can play a role in online learning. Online learning requires self-motivation, discipline and organisational skills to be successful. While it can be beneficial for learners of any age, developing these skills may become easier for younger students who are more accustomed to digital learning.

Online classes are like any other classes, but they're done through an internet-enabled device. Students are taught through digital learning platforms like video conferencing or streaming services. In online classes, the instructor teaches remotely, and the students can access the class anywhere with an internet connection.

21K School – World Campus offers the following online school programmes conducted by native English Teachers:

1. Cambridge Assessment International Education (Affiliation Number: IA702)

21K School offers the following programmes under accreditation with Cambridge:
Early Years
Lower Secondary
O Levels
A/AS Levels

2. Edexcel, UK (Affiliation number: 94883)

21K School offers the following programmes under accreditation with Edexcel:
International GCSE
International Advanced Level

Studies show that online learning can benefit students' academic performance more than traditional classroom instruction. Online courses offer flexibility and convenience, allowing students to work at their own pace and in the comfort of their own homes.

Making your child attentive in online classes requires a combination of both parental and student effort. As the parent, you should help create an environment conducive to learning, such as providing a quiet workspace and eliminating distractions. You should also ensure that your child is well-rested, has adequate breaks, and stays hydrated.

The Fee Structure and Policy at 21K School World Campus are simple, affordable and pragmatic, with multiple payment options and terms. Visit our website to learn more. (

We maintain a healthy learner-to-facilitator ratio, allowing our facilitators to give their undivided attention to each pupil. Our certified facilitators undergo extensive training and ongoing professional development to become experts in the art and science of online instruction.

An online school is an excellent option for families who have busy schedules. It can provide flexibility to parents and students alike, allowing them to complete assignments independently and receive quality instruction. Online schools usually use an asynchronous learning model, meaning students can log in to their virtual classroom whenever convenient. They can receive instruction from a teacher in real-time through video and audio conferencing or access resources at any time.