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​A student’s college application process begins with choosing which institutions to apply to. And top students have probably considered applying to an Ivy League university.

The ‘Ivy League’ is a group of eight private universities united by their participation in the same collegiate athletic conference. Harvard, Brown, Princeton, Yale, ColumbiaDartmouth, the University of Pennsylvania, and Cornell make up the Ivy League. But more than athletics, what unites these eight schools is their reputable status, world-class academics, and low admittance rates.

So how can one tell if a student might be a good fit for one of these universities? Is an Ivy League education worth it?

What an Ivy League education can offer

Distinguished faculty and talented classmates

Students can enrol in various first-year courses at Harvard, including Broadway Musicals: History and Production, taught by Carol Oja, chair of the music department at Harvard and Leonard Bernstein, Scholar-in-Residence, at the New York Philharmonic. These universities attract some of the most accomplished professors, including Pulitzer and Nobel Prizes winners. So, students will have access to bright academicians and researchers. What’s more, Ivy League colleges have the means to offer small seminars conducted by renowned teachers, even to first-year students. Students will have the option of enrolling in various first-year courses at Harvard, including Broadway Musicals: History and Production, taught by Carol Oja, chair of the music department at Harvard and Leonard Bernstein, Scholar-in-Residence, at the New York Philharmonic. They could also enrol at Yale in Pulitzer Prize-winning historian, John Gaddis’ introductory course, What History Teaches.

Along with the top faculty, exceptional learners will surround the student in the classroom, dorm and dining hall because each university is very selective. Additionally, while most Ivy League undergrads excel in extracurriculars and are significantly involved in their communities, each person admitted to an Ivy League university often has good educational credentials and test scores. Students will benefit from such an incredible student body with enriching academic and social experiences.

Ivy League network for life

Students will gain from interactions with exceptional instructors and peers during all four years at college. They will form significant connections for the rest of their lives with illustrious faculty members and university graduates across a wide range of occupations.

The advantages of that network can start to pay off right from their first year. Yale alumni, donors, parents, and organisations willing to hire Yale students help the Office of Career Strategy connect graduates to internships in various professions. At Princeton, students can find domestic and overseas internships through their International Internship Program. Every Ivy League school will provide the student with a membership to an alumni database.

Excellent resources

Ivy League universities have access to an abundance of resources. Each of these colleges provide research money, Broadway-worthy entertainment venues, sizable libraries, and any assistance the student would require to start an original extracurricular club, academic project, or small business, thanks to their substantial endowment funds. However, each Ivy League university also has its own clubs and projects, so students should consider which of these institutions has the resources that best suit their interests.

Acknowledgement and recognition

What’s in a name, you may ask? Well, certainly a lot when it comes to an Ivy League institution. Such a name on a student’s CV can help them find their first job out of college, as well as internships and other oppprtunities while still in college. It also provides an entry point to the alumni network. According to the 2019 Global University Employability Ranking, which was created using the opinions of hiring managers, Ivy League institutions occupied half of the top 10 positions.

Women’s earnings have improved by 14% when they attend an institution with an average SAT score 100 points higher than the average for all other universities (most Ivy League schools fall into this group). Another study found that students from low-income homes who enrol in renowned universities typically earn more than individuals from similar backgrounds who enrol in less esteemed institutions.


Although it’s never easy to get accepted to an Ivy League university, students will enjoy a wide range of perks if they get in. Applying is worth it, if students feel an Ivy League university has something of benefit to offer them.

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