What Are The Best Universities To Study Psychology In 2022?

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What are the best universitites to study psychology

It’s critical to carefully assess each programme on our Top 10 Best Institutions for Psychology list to see if it will support your academic and professional objectives. To decide if a school is an appropriate fit for you, you should consider your major as well as the institution’s size, community, location, and extracurricular activities.


How we ranked the top ten psychology schools

The top 20 institutions within the 2022 QS World Field Rankings and the 2022 US News Rankings for best psychology schools were assessed to arrive at this ranking. We used an average of the rankings to gain a comprehensive idea of the ten best psychology programmes using various criteria from each list.

Harvard University111
Stanford University232
Oxford University363
Yale University854
University College London775
Columbia University1246
University of California6106
University of Amsterdam998
Kings College London2119
University of Toronto15810

The Top 10 Institutions for Psychology Studies in 2022

10) University of Toronto

Students will research human and animal behaviour as a member of the University of Toronto’s Department of Psychology. Instead of the group, the person is the department’s main priority. Courses in cognitive psychology, computational neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, human and animal learning, developmental psychology, perception, personality psychology, and social psychology are some of the options available to students.

9) Kings College London

At this college, students can earn a BSc in Psychology and learn about a variety of psychological applications as well as how to apply them to current problems. One of the top centres in the world for interdisciplinary studies in psychiatry and psychology, the IoPPN, contributes recent research to the university’s teaching in addition to the expertise of world-class lecturers.

8) University of Amsterdam

The psychology programme at the University of Amsterdam examines individual characteristics and human behaviour in general. Depending on their field of study, students could pursue a career as a developmental psychologist, industrial psychologist, sports and organisational psychologist, test developer, advisor, information specialist, and more.

7) UCLA or University of California, Los Angeles

The psychology course at UCLA allows students to concentrate more intently on particular areas of interest while reflecting on the subject’s broad range. Students can select from a wide range of fields of study in psychobiology, memory and learning, perception, motivation, measurement, cognition, personality, social, clinical, community, developmental, and health psychology, in addition to the core courses.

6) Columbia University

The Psychology Department at Columbia University is among the earliest and most prestigious in the US because of its esteemed staff and alumni. A solid program in psychological science is now offered to undergraduate students at the institution, covering research methodologies, cognition, neuroscience, perception, social, developmental, personality, and clinical studies.

5) UCL or University College London 

Leading the way in studying mind, behaviour, and language is the UCL Department of Psychology & Language Sciences or PALS. The university’s research and instruction focus on decision-making, social cognition, language, therapeutic interventions, and cognitive and behavioural neuroscience. 

4) Yale University

Yale students study psychology to understand human behaviour, mainly what human beings are, how they act, and how they improve their lives and society. Students can explore careers in teaching, law, research, medicine, politics, public health, and business with the support of Yale’s foundational psychology courses.

3) Oxford University

The Philosophy, Psychology, and Linguistics (PPL) department at Oxford University is at the forefront of creativity and ground-breaking research. The programmes focus on biological, human experimental, social, cognitive, and developmental psychology.

2) Stanford University

One of the earliest departments to be founded at Stanford University is the psychology department. It has a long history of ground-breaking theoretical studies that directly impact the world. 

1) Harvard University

The psychology department at Harvard University seeks to understand the mind, brain, and behaviour via scientific research. This goal is reflected in Harvard’s excellent teaching standards. Attention, memory, perception, categorisation, decision-making, reasoning, cognitive, language and social development, intergroup connections, social cognition, and morality are fundamental psychological processes that students and professors research.


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