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College application can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Not only must you decide which schools to apply to, but you must also study all of the prerequisites for each. Let’s simplify things; if you’re considering applying to Brown University, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Brown is a prestigious, well-respected, and competitive Ivy League university that will open your doors to a bright future and foster a lifelong learning attitude, offering over 1,800 undergrad courses.

About Brown University

Brown University, founded in 1764 and located atop College Hill in Providence, Rhode Island, is a private college. All Brown students must reside on campus for the first six semesters, while certain qualifying students may be granted permission to live off campus. Traditional singles, doubles, triples, and suites are available as housing alternatives. In addition, students can pursue their interests with over 500 student clubs on campus, ranging from The Brown Noser satirical newspaper to Brown Ballroom Dance.

Unlike its Ivy League counterparts, Brown University undergraduates get a more intellectually curious, artsy, and progressive environment than a competitive, cutthroat classroom climate. Brown’s renowned Open Curriculum allows students to explore their academic interests from the moment they arrive on campus. However, gaining the right to spend four years in Providence, Rhode Island, studying topics of your choice with world-renowned academics, is a privilege that must be earned rather than granted.

Admission to Brown University

Brown has unquestionably been a very selective institution for generations, but admission rates today are much lower than those experienced by candidates ten or twenty years ago. For example, students admitted to Brown have an average SAT score of 1440-1560 or an ACT score of 33-35.

The average ACT score is between 33 and 35, corresponding to the middle 50% of admitted students. To be considered for admission, the score must be high, as over 50% of admitted students had an ACT score of 35-36.

Suppose you are an overseas student or have finished your high school education in a language other than English. In that case, you must also produce evidence of English competence via TOEFL or IELTS. There are no prerequisites for admission. However, a score of 100 or higher on the internet-based TOEFL exam or 8.0 or higher on the IELTS is expected.

Brown University’s admission rate is typically around 7%, which is expected to be 5.5% to 9% this year. Despite this seemingly low acceptance rate, it is one of the Ivy League schools with the highest acceptance rate; Harvard is the most competitive Ivy, with an average acceptance rate of 3.4%, and Cornell is the least competitive, with 8.6%.

Application Process for Brown University

To apply to Brown University, you must submit additional documents in addition to your application. You should utilize the Common App to finish your application, which is incredibly convenient if you simultaneously apply to other colleges. The Common App is used by the majority of universities for undergraduate admissions.

If you apply through Early Decision, Brown University requests that you not apply to any other university. It should be noted that using the Early Admission plan does not increase your chances of acceptance.

You can also apply through the Early Decision program, and then your counselor must submit your first quarter or trimester grades once they are available. In addition, all applicants should request that their school deliver midyear or second-trimester grades as quickly as possible.

When you apply under the Early Decision process, you have three options:

  • Accepted: In this situation, you must withdraw all other college applications.
  • Your application’s final decision has been postponed: Your application will be reviewed again with the Regular Decision candidate pool.
  • Denied: In this situation, you may not reapply under the Regular Decision admission process within the same year.

Brown University is a highly prestigious and competitive institution. Brown students enjoy a warm and diverse environment while powering through the rigor of academics and the responsibility of making big decisions about one’s education.

Making yourself stand out in the application process will be difficult, but it will be critical if you wish to be accepted. Being consistent, focused, and dedicated will help you get there; remember to be yourself along the road and demonstrate how unique you are and why you are a strong candidate for Brown University.

Now that you know all the expectations at Brown University, it’s time to get to work. But, again, remember to start early and visualize your end objective.

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