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Every student wants to study abroad in order to take advantage of the best opportunities. Studying abroad provides a variety of professional options to choose from as well as worldwide exposure to various cultures and individuals from around the world. Even though the experience of studying abroad is priceless, one has to pay the price to get that exposure and experience. Therefore, we have listed some of the cheapest study abroad programs – which will help aspiring students achieve their dreams without any hesitations.

How can a study abroad program become affordable?

While opting for an affordable abroad studying program, one should keep in mind some important facets such as:

  • The first thing to check while looking for an abroad study program is the tuition fee of the whole program.
  • The first thing to check while looking for an abroad study program is the tuition fee of the whole program.
  • Next, check if the enrollment for the program is direct or indirect. In direct one takes admission directly with the institute, while for indirect student gets enrolled via a third party.
  • The cost for direct enrollment is typically less than indirect. But, if one goes via indirect enrollment – then the third party helps and supports through the application and admission process.
  • Next, plan out the cost of living in the country from which one is opting for admission.
  • Additionally, it’s important to monitor the price of admission and visa fees.

Top 4 cheapest countries to study abroad

Following are the countries where students can find affordable abroad study programs:


Norway is renowned for its picturesque natural beauty, comfortable way of life, and top-notch education. What makes Norwegian universities the greatest in the world? There are no fees associated with education. No matter if they are domestic or international students, it is free for all of them. The University of Oslo, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology are some of the best universities in the nation. However, one may say that the number of institutes is less than that in the United Kingdom or the USA, or Canada – but, the low cost of education with zero tuition fee and an average cost of NOK 8000 to 11000 per month for living, makes it an affordable choice.


Asia is home to some of the top universities in the world, some of which reside in Taiwan. When choosing the least expensive alternative for a study abroad program, this nation is among the top choices for Indian students. Taiwan offers more than 120 subjects and courses like computer science, business management, chemical engineering, and information technology to name a few, in the English language across 40 universities and institutes – which offer education at an average tuition fee of TWD 8,500 to 10,300 monthly. Additionally, this nation offers a high standard of living and a moderate cost of living, with an average of roughly TWD 7000 to TWD 10,000. National Taiwan University, National Cheng Kung University, and National Chiao Tung University are a few of Taiwan’s top universities.


Universities in Germany have combined education and research in a way that distinguishes them as being of the highest caliber. With revolutionary inventions like the printing press, the mp3, and computers, students from these colleges have been able to change the course of history. Medical, business, natural science, and mechanical engineering are just a few of the 100 areas that German institutions offer through affordable study abroad programs. German universities including the University of Hamburg, Technical University of Berlin, Technical University of Munich, and Ludwig Maximilians University are popular choices for overseas students due to their reasonable tuition prices, which range from EUR 100 to EUR 1500 every semester.


France is a popular choice for students all across the world because of its past and ongoing advancements in the realms of history, art, and science. The idea of fostering a relationship between professors and students through intimate class sizes is one of the distinctive features of French colleges. The universities in France offer more than 1500 courses and programs in the English language with reasonable tuition costs and top-notch educational quality. The University of Paris, the University of Orleans, the University of Burgundy, and Sciences Po are a few of France’s finest universities.

You can reach out to our experts at 21k School if you need help choosing a course and university. You will get assistance finding a college and program that aligns with your interests and professional objectives, offers you access to the information you need, and exposes you to the area of study you want.


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