12 Signs That a Career in Coding Could be a Good Choice

21K School · Feb 9, 2023 · 4 min read

Career in Coding


Every parent wishes that their child carves a promising career when they grow up. While it is impossible to predict their prospects, parents can align their children’s passions and interests towards pursuing successful fields. Coding or computer programming is one lucrative career that is going to stay!

Here’s a list of 12 signs that shows a child can have an excellent future in coding. If these traits are found in a child, they can be enrolled in coding right from their early years to gravitate towards a similar career later in their lives.

1. An inclination toward STEM subjects

If a child is inclined toward STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in school, coding can come naturally to them. Therefore, all school curriculums include these coding-friendly subjects.

2. Loves computers and technology

Children are hooked to computers, smartphones, tabs, or tech devices. A plus side of this habit is that these children are potential coders! They can quickly adapt to coding classes if they love computer apps and games.

3.Natural problem-solvers

At its core, coding is about identifying problems and solving them. If a child enjoys solving puzzles, seeking a solution to problems, or proposing new ideas for inventions, they are natural problem-solvers. In addition, these kids demonstrate patience and grit and thrive on taking on complex challenges.

4. Detail-oriented

Even simple coding contains complex functions that need to be well-analyzed and executed. Kids with a detail-oriented mind can go deeper into programming procedures and check for intricate errors that can significantly impact the result.

5. Team-player

Successful coders must engage with other team members and explain complex programs, ideas, and suggestions. They must collaborate with a team (or different teams) to deliver projects. If a child displays excellent communication skills and likes to be involved with cross-disciplinary groups, he can have a bright future in coding.

6. Self-learner

In this rapidly advancing age of computers and technology, coders need to quickly learn and adapt new skills to stay at the top of their games. Therefore, children who can teach themselves through experiments, trials, and errors can take up the coding path.

7. Loves making creative things

Even though it comes with rules, coding is a creative process, and children who love drawings, paintings, or designing can become great coders! Likewise, children inclined towards music, writing, and story-telling can transition well to coding careers.

8. Accepting failures

Coding involves experimentation with trials and errors, resulting in many failures and rebuilding programs to fix them. Even the best coders face numerous shortcomings in their day-to-day job scenarios. However, children who aren’t discouraged by failures and have the grit to learn from their mistakes and fix them will become successful coders.

9. Logical approach

Every other child has different interests and personalities. While some of them are ruled by emotions, others put logic first. This very logical approach gives a person an edge in the coding career.

10. Likes to solve puzzles

Children who keep themselves busy with puzzle games can be good coders. As a coder, one must constantly overcome the obstacles presented to them. The challenges or problems come with more variables (puzzle pieces) that must be fixed to keep the structural flaws (wrong puzzle pieces) at bay. To build an error-free task from the ground up (finishing the puzzle), a coder has to get the program right piece by piece until they get the right solution!

11. They ask a lot of questions

Children are curious and ask a lot of questions. Questions are primarily essential learning tools for children. If a child asks many logical questions and enquires more about the background or principles of things, he can join the coding bandwagon! The eagerness to learn many things and use rational thinking to grab the details are must-have traits among coders.

12. Interest in coding

These days, numerous apps, games, and other activities teach the basics of coding. Even the pre-schoolers now get a taste of coding through plenty of playoffs. If a child shows interest in such games and wants to indulge more in them, it is a sign that they can be trained to become coders. Their inclination towards coding can make their career path easy as they grow older.


A coding career could be a perfect path if a child shows a mix of the traits mentioned above. However, parents must also note that children’s hobbies, interests, and inclinations keep changing from time to time. Therefore, it is imperative to expose children to different fields of learning while they are still young. Doing so will ensure a wide range of experiences among children, which will broaden their spectrum of choosing the right career path.

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