Choosing The Right Study Abroad Destination

21K School · Aug 10, 2023 · 3 min read

There are many factors to consider when a student makes one of the most significant decisions of their life: when studying abroad, which destination should they select? This article explores several important points that will help students make a smart choice as they decide which destination to pursue their overseas studies.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Study Abroad Destination

Studying abroad is more than identifying a course and sending an application. Each country offers students a different set of possibilities. While some may promise a better lifestyle, others may lead to better career prospects. So, how do students make the right choice? The following are some of the questions to ask to ensure that the best choice is made.

Where Does the Country Stand in the Global Economy?

Every student wants to study at a prestigious university. But before students select their university, they must find out if their preferred courses have high employability. Also, is higher education a priority in the chosen country? This will impact a student’s options for internships and the availability of jobs, even if they do not plan to stay in the country for a long time.

What is the Culture of the Destination Like?

Students should choose a destination that has a large number of international students. For instance, European countries like Germany or France may have language barriers, but they also have students from around the world. Thus, their campuses are multicultural. This is significant because studying in a multicultural environment exposes students to different people. Furthermore, this exposure helps to broaden one’s mindset and build a global network of peers that may come in handy in the future.

Why is the Local Culture and Economy an Important Point to Consider?

A major advantage of studying overseas is learning about the local culture. Once a student graduates, they are considered experienced, if not an expert, in the local culture and economy of that region. For example, future employers may consider a graduate from a German university if that company has business in Germany, and they may rely on that graduate’s valuable insight about the society, economy, or global trade policies. In addition to studying their course, students can greatly benefit from studying the history and culture of the chosen destination since it may help them in the future.

Should Only English-Speaking Destinations be Selected?

The short answer is no. Although 80% of Indian students prefer English-speaking destinations like the UK, USA, Australia and Canada, many other non-English-speaking countries offer excellent programs for international students. France, for instance, is home to renowned universities like INSEAD and ESSEC that offer globally recognized MBA courses. Germany has many prominent universities that enable students to have a successful future. So, students must have an open mind while exploring the many options available.

Is the Location of the Campus Important?

The location of the campus is another crucial deciding factor. For instance, a student may select a campus but later find out that it is far from the nearest train or bus station. Or, it may be in a secluded area away from the city center. If students prefer a centrally located campus, they should find out about the location of the campus before making a decision. Students can check the campus location on a map and read about the local region to understand this better.

What is the Cost of Living?

Students should carefully consider the cost of living before selecting an overseas study destination. They must find out about accommodation, the safety of international students, conveyance costs and other factors that determine the cost of living.

What is the Current State of Affairs and Immigration Policy?

Recent developments in the Russia-Ukraine war, for example, proved that the global state of affairs impacts international students. So, before a student selects any destination, they must find out about the current state of affairs of that destination by understanding global politics and international developments. Often, the immigration policy, visa status or work options in the region can change in case of political instability. So, students must stay well-informed to make the best decision.


There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing the best study abroad destination. It is important to weigh all the pros and cons to make the best choice. For students who require more information, the professionals at 21K School can provide detailed information and assistance to help students make the best choice on their overseas study destination.

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