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Common app essay

There are over 900 schools along with 54 international universities which consider Common Application essays for granting admission to the new applicants. If you’re also considering admission to one such school, here is the essential background of the Common App personal statement. Learn the expert tips here.    

Introduction to Common App Essay 

Better known as Personal Statement, the Common App Essay is a 650-word essay that is an integral part of the common application. If you’re applying to a university or school through the Common App, it is imperative to write this essay. Here are a few points to consider before getting started with the Common App Essay:

  • Showcase your best qualities and unique aspects in the personal statement so that the panel can judge you beyond your test scores, extracurriculars and grades. 
  • Try to display your entire personality in one Common App Essay. Do not forget to mention one or two traits which set you apart from others. 
  • You do not need to be a writer or an expert to write the Common App Essay. Whereas writing something which best describes you. 

How personal should you get in the Common App Essay? 

The personal statement needs to be private and focus on a special element of your life that is not reflected in the rest of the application. Grab this opportunity to showcase your inner self to the admission committee. This essay clearly explains you as a person, student, friend and leader. Additionally, the statement allows you to show who you are beyond your test results or grades. 

No matter what topic you pick, the goal is the make readers showcase your inner values, experiences inside or outside the classroom and thoughts. You’re a story about yourself, making the application more compelling and worth remembering. 

Why is the personal statement so important? 

An essay about you brings your application to life. Admission officers sitting at a higher rank will better access your qualities through this essay. Also, this will give them an insight into you. Essays can bring up to a 30% difference in the final decision. It means you possess control over a significant portion of their decision. 

What to write in the Common App Essay? 

Writing about yourself in just 650 words is one of the biggest challenges that must be tackled carefully when writing the Common App Essay. Start preparing for writing the essay months before the final date because you would not want to mess it up at the last moment. Thought of an easy, relatable but exciting topic which can intrigue readers for more. 

Below, we have listed some steps for writing the Common App Essay. Let’s have a look:

  1. Some students have a strong background, interest or identity, which adds value to the essay. If you are someone born with a talent such as dancing, singing, writing or others, give your talent a special spot in your essay. This will attract readers, and your chances of getting through the admission process will increase. 
  2. Talk about your family, where you come from, and other personal details to build engagement. 
  3. Mention your neighbourhood and your great deeds to gain attention and appreciation. 
  4. Who inspired you throughout your life, your love for art, music and dance? 
  5. Share your personal story with an emotional kick to it. Add what factors mould you into the person you are today. 

When writing the Common App Essay, don’t be afraid of something controversial which leaves an impeccable mark on your personality. This will give depth to your assignment. Admission officers will find your story truly inspiring and appreciative. 

Final Words

When writing about your topic, be passionate about it. Rather than jumping from one point to another, take time to explain maximum in minimum words. For example – if you spend four years studying business management, give them an insight into what you learned, how it was helpful and how it modelled you into a better person. 

Further, talk about your work in the subject which also contributed to personal growth. You can also mention some case studies. The trick to passing this is making it personal yet professional. If your essay is something like others, it might not attract the panel easily. Write about your unique experiences and their impact on today and your future goals. 

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