Can You Answer These 13 Common College Interview Questions?

21K School · Jul 9, 2023 · 4 min read

Common College Interview Questions

Why are college interviews important?

The purpose of an interview is to make conversations with candidates and learn about them. With the help of interviews, the school committee wants to know the candidate’s uniqueness for admission.

13 common college interview questions

Here are 13 common college interview students you need to prepare for:

1.      Who are you?

This is the most common starting question. Students should answer it approximately in 30 seconds, explaining their uniqueness and why they would be ideal for admission. Students can explain what they have not written in their resumes or documents. They can also tell about their hobbies and interests.

2.      Why did you choose this school?

In this question, the interviewer wants to know students’ views on college as it is essential to understand why candidates have chosen it. In reply, students should say that they have researched well and know why this college is the best fit. Their answer should contain 2-3 clubs/courses/experiences/activities uniquely connected with this college.

3.      What are your strengths?

In answer to this question, students should explain why they are proud of their accomplishments (stay humble during answering). They can also explain their inner strengths.

4.      What are your weaknesses?

Never give a negative answer to a negative question. Students should not speak negatively about themselves or others during the interview. Instead, they can connect it with their growth. They can tell about a skill or a subject they want to work on.

5.      What is your proudest accomplishment?

In this, students can explain a temporary situation or story that happened to them. This story should be about their challenges and how they handle them. They can also add about a project they worked on from start to end.

6.      What is the most interesting class you have taken, and why?

The motive for asking this question is that interviewer wants to know about the current academic investment, and this also gives them a rough idea of what will a student do in the college environment. They need to explain about that class in which they have learned a new language or something thought-provoking.

7.      How would your teachers/classmates/friends/family describe you?

Students can answer this question in many ways. Be ready for all of them. Students should think creatively to describe themselves and consider what others see in them that they can’t see. This question is all about self-awareness.

8.      How did you spend your last summer?

Students can share their achievements. They can add why this is important for them. They can say they have spent a lot of time with their friends. Students can also explain what they have been working on during the pandemic. They can also define if they have done any extra coursework or learned something new. It is always the best idea to look for some of the best extracurricular activities for college applications.

9.      What is the most difficult situation you’ve faced and how did you handle it?

The Interviewer asks this question to know the student’s problem-solving ability and perseverance. In the answer, they can explain a short story of their failure and their thoughts explaining the steps they took to overcome that.

10.   Who is your role model?

Students can tell about the person who inspires them and motivates them to achieve big things in life. These should be the people who students admire for their creativity, intelligence, compassion, integrity and passion. They should match their goals.

11.   What is a social issue or world problem that’s important to you?

Before answering this question, students should ask how they feel when they see someone else struggling. The social issue is essential for them if they feel bad about it.

12.   Which book have you read recently that you enjoyed or particularly connected with?

Students should think about the books they have read and already like. Students should name a book they can connect with and answer why they like it. They can start their answer by telling their favourite childhood book and which book they read now. Here’s a reading list for high school students that you probably detested in high school but ended up liking after giving them a second chance.

13.   If you could have dinner with anyone (past, present, real, or fictional), who would it be and why?

Students need to answer this question with creativity. They can name past famous personalities like Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, etc., explaining their inventions, work, and importance.

Additional tips to help the college interviews are as follows

  • At the end of the interview, students can ask the interviewer about the college.
  • Be polite and friendly.
  • Be confident, clear, and concise.

Final Thoughts

If students take time to think during the interview, it will negatively impact them. So, it’s always better to answer and practice them in advance and be relaxed and calm while answering. Hope these tips will help you secure a seat in your dream university or any ivy league school.

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