Comparison Between Bachelor’s and Master’s Abroad

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Many students dream of getting their degrees from an internal college but are always confused about whether to do undergraduate abroad or postgraduation abroad. Although it depends upon various factors, including financial status and learning goals, both options have many pros and cons. Scroll down to read about bachelor’s vs. masters from abroad.

Bachelor’s Abroad

After completing the 12th class, students research which course to choose and how they will achieve their career goals. Finally, it becomes both scary and exciting for the students to pursue their graduation from a foreign university.

The most preferred bachelor abroad destinations for Indian students are the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Germany. It is because of the following reasons:

●       International universities offer a wide range of courses and training programs.

●       Students can pursue bachelor’s with honors to add more credentials to their CVs.

●       They focus more on practical aspects rather than theoretical ones.

Master’s Abroad

Most Indian students find it more feasible to finish their bachelor’s in India and then go abroad for their master’s. It can be because of one of the following reasons:

●       Most universities and colleges provide financial aid, bursaries, and scholarships to students pursuing masters.

●       Students can join fellowships which can act as incentives while studying for their master’s degree.

●       Students get more academic exposure through the institutes.

●       International universities offer students a chance to explore their research projects and reach out to globally recognized experts.

Comparison Between Bachelor’s and Master’s Abroad

Here are key factors that influence student’s decisions when choosing a suitable course:

Learning Goals

Students must find a career goal before choosing any course or learning program. Therefore, it is the primary factor influencing their decision to study abroad.

Bachelor’s Course: The bachelor’s degree is the beginning of a career. When a student chooses a bachelor abroad course, it will help them to specialize in a niche. They can pick the subject from the vast range of options and be focused on their career goals.

Master’s Course: It will give the student an in-depth knowledge of the chosen course. Additionally, if the student’s main objective is to go for research, then international universities can provide them with proper guidance from renowned faculties.


Cost is the most important deciding factor for students to study abroad unless they have a scholarship.

Bachelor’s Course: The cost of pursuing an undergraduate degree is comparatively less master’s degree. It may range from Rs 15 lakhs to Rs 25 lakh based on the university and course the student chooses. However, the course lasts 3 to 4 years, so additional traveling and accommodation costs add up.

Master’s Course: Numerous grants, bursaries, and scholarships are available to help cut the cost of a master’s course. It may range from Rs 10lakh to Rs 20 lakhs based on the university and course the student chooses.


Students must know about their course duration before applying to an international college.

Bachelor’s Course: Full-time courses are for 3 to 4 years based on the university and program chosen.

Master’s Course: Full-time master’s degrees may last for 1 to 2 years, whereas a part-time master’s degree lasts 2 to 4 years. Also, it can last longer based on the scope of research and the degree program.


Students look for courses with an emphasis on practice and theoretical knowledge.

Bachelor’s Course: Usually, students are more flexible and accessible regarding the curriculum. The following are the most preferred bachelor’s courses by the students: –

●       Bachelors in Business and Management

●       Bachelors in International Relations

●       Bachelors in Engineering

●       Bachelors in Medicine and Health Sciences

●       Bachelors in Computer Science and IT

Master’s Course: The master’s degree is usually of two types— research master’s and taught masters. The subject and curriculum vary in both. The following are the most preferred master’s courses by the students:

●       Master in Economics

●       Master in Computer Sciences

●       Master in International Relations

●       Master of Management Studies

●       Master in Business Administration

●       Master in International Business


Students need a look at environmental factors when choosing universities and courses to thrive in their careers.

Bachelor’s Course: Students are comparatively young and naive when they apply for a bachelor’s course. It can be challenging and competitive for them in a new environment. Adapting to the language, cuisines, and people may take some time. Bachelor’s degree gives them time to adjust early in their career.

Master’s Course: When students plan to pursue a master’s abroad, they are more mature, have financial freedom, and have more job opportunities. Also, they are more equipped to deal with their problems when studying abroad.

Summing Up

The ultimate decision to choose a bachelor’s or master’s course lies in the student’s hand. If you are still confused? Feel free to reach experts at 21K School and discuss career opportunities.


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