15 Computer Facts Everyone Should Know About

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A computer is a common part of almost every household these days. Individuals use computer devices for learning, shopping, working, communicating, and engaging in other important activities. But there is so much about computers that we don’t know. Unfortunately, some of the details on the internet about these devices are not as accurate as you think. Read on for some vital computer facts everyone should know about.

Computer Full Form

Before moving forward, let’s begin with the full form of the word ‘Computer.’ On the internet, several results show the term ‘Computer’ as an acronym with its full form as Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research. Unfortunately, though, it is known to have no association with the real origin of the term.

The term Computer is derived from the word ‘Compute,’ a synonym for ‘Calculate.’ These devices were built to serve the purpose of calculations, but their uses began to increase and evolve with each generation of new computers. Also, these devices are programmed to run on binary language to perform various tasks.

Let’s go through some facts about computers to learn more about these devices that make human lives simpler and better:

Overview of the Hardware

The complete hardware machine consists of a motherboard, RAM, storage (ROM), & video graphic card. The motherboard is considered the most crucial part of the setup since it gives commands to the entire system. Therefore, people can get their PC as needed with the desired configuration.

First Computer Device

Charles Babbage, the father of Computers, built the first Computer in 1822 that weighed 317 KG. Fast forward to this date, computers are a lot lighter, faster, and more efficient in terms of features and functionalities. Computers of those generations used to occupy giant rooms.

Need for Video Graphic Card

Most people don’t know this, but video graphics are not a crucial part of a Computer since most motherboards these days come with an integrated graphic card. However, several devices need an additional video card or VGA to properly transmit the data and generate the desired information visualization.

Confusion of RAM and ROM

Maximum RAM can’t be the only requirement to run a computer with maximum efficiency. Apart from good RAM, a computer system also needs ROM or storage to store the data and access it seamlessly.

RGB Implementation

Red, Green Blue, or RGB entails the primary color combination used by computer devices to represent the data on the screen. Individuals who play video games or stream content also use this color setting to boost their gaming experience.

The dilemma of Operating Systems

Windows and Max OS always come one-on-one for comparison when deciding on the best operating system. However, both operating systems have their unique features and are created for different types of devices. For example, Windows is suitable for gaming and programming requirements, whereas Mac OS is better for video editing.

Virus Protection

While inserting a flash drive into a public computer, avoiding clicking on unknown files is essential to prevent being infected by the virus in those devices. Therefore, the auto-run option in settings should be disabled.

Computer Updates

When buying a new computer, buyers should choose a system with the latest configurations. This will allow the system to be updated easily without any software issues.

Computer Gold

Some old processors contain some quantities of gold because effective data transmission requires high-quality metals to transfer a large amount of data effortlessly. Therefore, manufacturers added gold substrates to the hardware.

Blue Light Impact

Blue light in some old computer devices is a significant danger to eyesight. However, the problem has been addressed in recent models through operating systems with light adjustment features.

Graphic Processing Unit

The graphic processing unit or GPU is another imperative aspect of computers. Systems with the latest GPU are considered better but cost more than regular models.

The Space Computer

The federal systems division of IBM invented Gemini Guidance Computer, the first device sent to space.

High Scale Computers for Gaming

ASUS Technology is one of the most prestigious names in the computer domain as it made laptop devices with military-grade efficiencies available as gaming machines.


Most people find it hard to select between SSDs and HDDs. This is because a solid-state device or SSD functions like a flash drive with a quicker pace, whereas hard drive disks are comparatively slower in performance.

Computer Programming

Binary numbers were the base of the first programming that also included a thorough use of assembly programming.


With a timely understanding of computers and their productive features, there is so much that kids can learn and explore for their academic growth. Proper knowledge of computers allows children and adults of all ages to keep up with technological advancements worldwide.

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