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The University of Brighton was founded as the Brighton School of Art in 1858 and got university status in 1992. The university offers graduate, postgraduate, and doctorate programs in a variety of fields, and it prepares its students for facing real-life problems by training them through different activities. The university also offers scholarship programs for both national and international students.

Course Details 

In the UK, students graduating from cyber security courses are considered valuable and sought after in the job market. Brighton University’s cyber security course covers software design, development, and artificial intelligence to address present and future demands. The professional course prepares the students to face the highly skilled security role nationally and internationally.

The course includes lectures from industry experts, and students can benefit from their real-world knowledge. Moreover, projects and job placements enable students to demonstrate their skills to potential employers.

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements

It is essential to check the prerequisites to enrol in a cybersecurity course at the University of Brighton. 


  • Attain A level qualification or BTEC
  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent certification
  • Total of 26 points, with high marks in three subjects
  • Higher Education Diploma or Equivalent certification
  • Pass certification with total 60 credits, 45 of which must be level 3, and 24 at merit or above
  • Level 3 units in computing

Documents Required 

  • Duly filled application form
  • Bachelor’s Degree Certificate
  • Transcript copies
  • GRE or GMAT results
  • Recommendation letter
  • Persuasive statement of purpose
  • Sample of written articles

English Language Proficiency

The TOEFL iBT and IELTS tests check international students’ English communication skills. Students with high scores will stand out since these tests evaluate all four academic English skills — reading, listening, speaking, and writing — in the way they are used in a classroom.

Brighton’s cyber security program requires students to pass these tests with a minimum grade. The overall score required in TOEFL iBT is 85, with 18 in writing, 10 in listening, 17 in speaking skills and 10 in reading. The score required in IELTS is 6.5 or higher.

Application Process

  1. The application procedure is simple, albeit it may vary depending on the program.
  2. Before applying, candidates must complete an online application and pay a fee of 1,909 INR.
  3. Prospective students must then submit supporting materials for their application, including college transcripts, recommendation letters, a statement of purpose, and GRE test results.
  4. Students from a non-English speaking background must present TOEFL or IELTS results to prove their language skills. 
  5. Selected applicants will receive invitations from HGSE to participate in an online interview with admissions committee members.

Course Fees 

The course requires a one-time application fee of INR 1,910. The tuition fee per academic year is INR 14 lakhs, and the estimated living expense per annum could be around INR 4 lakhs per year.


The university offers scholarships for both international and national students enrolled in graduate and postgraduate programs. International students can apply for two scholarships – The International Scholarship is worth INR 2,27,000, and the International Huxley Scholarship is worth INR 1,81,600.


The University of Brighton is a reputable institution that guarantees the most incredible learning environment for all its programs. Its cybersecurity program is a full-time course that assists in developing the foundational cybersecurity knowledge that will benefit students in their professional jobs. For the students pursuing a cybersecurity degree at the University of Brighton, the excellent instructors and cutting-edge teaching methods create a transformative experience.


1. What happens if I need a long break from university studies?

The university may extend the break, but you must have a good cause for it, and staying in touch with the course staff is advised.

2. Does the university offer housing for students from other countries?

Yes, the university provides housing for international students who travel from afar to attend its courses.

3. What happens if I miss an exam?

You must submit a written application explaining why you cannot complete the assessment at least one day before the deadline. Each case is reviewed separately, and you may receive an extension.The University of Brighton’s cybersecurity was the subject of this article. To enrol in the course and reserve your free directing meeting, visit the 21K school website.


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