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Are you wondering what psychologists do? Have you considered becoming one yourself? If your goal is to study psychology in Canada, let us first congratulate you! Great decision! In foreign countries, psychology is a highly profitable career. And once you get a diploma, you can work towards getting a master’s or even a Ph.D. degree. The possibilities are endless and extremely lucrative.

Psychologists conduct counselling and treat people for various disorders of the personality and mind. Psychological studies are carried out on individuals and psychological evaluations are administered to make people feel better and heard. This article will provide you with all the necessary details about getting a diploma or a certificate in psychology from Canada.

What this article talks about

1. Overview

2. Course highlights

3. Top institutes in India

4. Top institutes Abroad

5. Job opportunities


Before you decide to pursue a career in psychology in Canada or elsewhere, It is absolutely necessary to know what psychologists do and what is the complete scope of the duties they perform. Consider these facts:

· A counselor on a typical day has to gather data, carry out different tests on clients, investigate and recognise the behaviour of clients, diagnose the conditions, provide referrals, and many more things.

· A counselor/psychologist will write articles and research papers on relevant topics, concentrating mostly on research based on their practice.

· The behaviour of the patient is tested with the help of techniques such as psychoanalysis or psychotherapy. It’s the work of psychologists to decide the necessity of these tests.

· Many psychologists treat their patients independently and have their independent practice. Usually, these independent practitioners operate out of their own private clinics.

· Psychologists can also be seen working in colleges, public and private schools, government departments, detox centres, recovery centres, and in private research groups.

Course highlights

What entails studying for a diploma in psychology from Canada? Here are a few general details and highlights about the course:

Level of courseCertification/Diploma
Duration of course3 years
Examination typeSemester-wise
EligibilityScience, numeracy, ethics, persistence, communication, and skills to solve problems are the main skills needed to select a course of psychology after the 12th in India. The key element required to complete a degree in Psychology is 12th. To do a diploma in psychology the minimum requirement is 10th grade.
Admission processBased on entrance exam or on merit. GMAT or GRE score is needed by the program. English language proficiency test scores like that of IELTS or TOEFL. SOP and LOR are required in the specific format
Job positionsPsychologist educationalPsychologistPsychologist high intensityPsychologist occupationalClinical psychologist counselingPsychologist forensicPsychologist health

Top institutes in India

The list of top institutes offering diplomas in psychology in India are as listed below:

·   CVM Institute of Human Resource Development

·   Government College of Educational Psychology and Guidance

·   Maharishi Dayanand University

·   SGT University, Gurgaon

·   Jyotiba Institute of Management and Technology

·   Goa University

·   Dev Samaj College of Education

·   Government Bilasa Girls Post Graduate College

Top institutes abroad

Check out this list of some of the best international institutes that offer certificate courses and/or diplomas in psychology:

·   Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

·   The University of California at Berkeley

·   University of Cape Town

·   University of Notre Dame

·   Yale University

·   Oregon State University

·   Colorado State University

·   Saint LEO University

·   Pennsylvania State University

Job opportunities

After pursuing a diploma in psychology, there are several job options that you will come across. Here are some opportunities to explore:

·   A great amount of variation in income can be expected when switching to occupations in psychology. Many students are attracted to well-paying jobs in the field.

·   There are a number of occupations where the yearly wage is more than the average wage.

·   There are several variables that decide the actual amount you will be paid. There are a number of factors that decide the salary of a psychologist.

·   In India, a psychologist’s average salary ranges between INR 2.5 to 3.5 lakhs per year.   

·   The annual income of psychologists in the USA is over USD 51,000-55,000.


We hope this article answers all your queries about getting a diploma in psychology from Canada. Have you been searching for a world-class university to study in for a diploma in psychology? Join 21K Schools and let our experts guide you with the best advice.


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