10 Greenest Universities in the World

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Greenest universities

Green means healthy and safe.

Universities worldwide have understood the urge to be greener than ever. They are focusing more on reducing the effect of climate change and making their campuses greener every day by incorporating various sustainable goals and projects.

Setting high sustainable goals and projects by universities sends a direct message to students on what’s as important as their education.

The following universities are the greenest in the world.

Top 10 greenest universities in the world

The list contains some of the best universities in the world in terms of greenery.

1. Simon Fraser University, Canada

Simon Fraser University is actively working toward making its campuses greener every day with a green initiative on its Burnaby and Vancouver campuses. Seven buildings come under this initiative, including the School of Business and a gym.

2. University of Alcalá, Spain

The  University of Alcalá is considered one of the greenest universities in the world. In fact, it’s the 3rd most sustainable university in the world, according to CoolMyPlanet. It participates in various environmentally friendly events and promotes recycling and energy efficiency.

Apart from the environmentally friendly events, the university also offers a wide range of study programs, including a degree in environmental sciences to doctorates in climate, space research, and the management of water resources.

In addition, the Green Metric International Index—which assesses the sustainability policies of universities—has ranked the University of Alcalá as the most sustainable institution in Spain for four consecutive years.

3. Rafael Lándivar University, Guatemala

Rafael Lándivar University has set an example for other universities in the countries by implementing an environmental management system in environmental research and education.

4. Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico

The Universidad Iberoamericana, based out of Mexico City, is continuously working toward achieving sustainability and is also trying to reduce the environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the university promotes sustainable transport as well.

5. Dickinson College, USA

The Dickinson (private) college is one of the greenest on the list and has its own renewable energy system. The university uses great methods, including biofuel plants, and recycles edible oil to generate energy. And the university has taken the initiative to reduce its greenhouse gas emission by 75% by 2030.

6. University of Central Lancashire, UK

The University of Central Lancashire has devised an innovative idea and built a device that precisely shows the usage of water and energy consumption by its students and staff members of each building on campus. All these innovations are happening under the initiative they launched in recent years called Energy Board.

7. University College Cork, Ireland

The university College Cork and its students’ continuous sustainable commitment to a greener future got them recognization and the Green Campus Award in 2010. The initiative was carried out to empower its students in the field of sustainability while implementing new projects that help the campus to be environmentally friendly.

By implementing and empowering its students toward sustainability, the University College Cork has become one of the most sustainable universities in the world. And the university is well known for its use of resources and waste reduction programs.

8. University of Murcia, Spain

In 2007, the university of Murcia initiated a Green Campus Project, a green step toward sustainability. Since then, the University of Murcia has worked tirelessly to improve our surroundings and environment.

In 2009, Plaza de la Sostenibilidad was inaugurated, where the university teaches environmental education via various courses, workshops, and guided tours for students.

9. University of Sussex, UK

The University of Sussex, United Kingdom, is popularly known for its green initiatives, including waste management programs, a campus garden, and food markets. The students of the University of Sussex target to raise awareness about environmental issues through multiple fun activities.

The students also organised a green week in March 2011 to bring people together through multiple eco-friendly events to discuss various environmental issues. In addition, they also managed to pull off several campaigns about educating on sustainable fishing and many other things that triggered people to take positive actions.

10. University of Connecticut, USA

In 2002, the University of Connecticut structured its first environment policy. Since then, the university has been continuously making it into a comprehensive program that focuses on sustainability and development.

Plenty of recycling events are held on campus to reach its low energy targets. Their main and long-term goal is to become carbon neutral by 2050. The university also focuses on water conservation, and multiple projects are in process to help conserve clean and drinkable water and improve the overall water quality.

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