How Harvard is Preparing for Online Learning in 2022

21K School · Feb 9, 2023 · 3 min read

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The COVID-19 pandemic was an unprecedented event that surprised the world. It was a collective decision taken by educational institutions worldwide to continue education online until they could resume offline classes. Nevertheless, it was very frustrating for university students, many of whom hail from another country. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued to take its toll on offline education, many of the world’s best universities began to adjust to the changing curriculum by transitioning to online education. The schools did this to keep up with the rapidly developing conditions worldwide. It should not be surprising that the Harvard Graduate School of Education revamped its curriculum. They hired eight Ed.M. graduates with skills and experience in learning design, educational media production, and instructional coaching to assist the faculty in preparing for remote teaching during the upcoming semester. Harvard made these hires to accommodate the school’s move toward offering more online courses. It ensured that the quality of education imparted to students online was at par with the university’s offline classes. 

Every school at the university spent the summer working on developing an appropriate methodology to guarantee that the students receive high value and are not deprived of any part of their education or experience. This work was done to ensure that the students receive high value and are not deprived of any part of their education or experience. The teaching staff at all schools, including the Divinity School, the Law school, the Medical school, the Kennedy school, and even the Business school and the Design school, went through the same process to devise pedagogical and technological solutions. These solutions were implemented across the entire university. And needless to say, they have yielded excellent results so far. 

Updated Curriculum by Harvard University

The quality of education offered by Harvard University is not being jeopardized by methods such as distance learning, thanks to the university’s concerted efforts. The teaching staff at the Harvard Graduate School of Education has put in a lot of effort to design a curriculum that is both reflective of the best of what they know about the cultivation of powerful learning experiences online and that is centred on the most pressing educational issues, dilemmas, and topics that are relevant to the realities of the present day. This has been accomplished by taking great care of their teaching pedagogy.

The Harvard Graduate School of Education has developed eighty-five new online courses to address urgent issues confronting the education field, such as COVID-19 and racism.

Because the student body at this school hails from 62 different countries and 47 states in the United States, it is necessary to repeat the scheduling of approximately 50 classes. In addition to the traditional academic fare, they provide students with extracurricular activities that use cutting-edge digital learning practices such as live video conferencing with teachers, online discussion forums, and adaptive learning. 

Harvard implemented a new online learning environment for students. To help them adjust to their new online learning environment in time for the beginning of the fall semester, a new mini-course called “Online Learning Success” was developed. The course will instruct students to collaborate effectively with their teachers and classmates and use tools such as zoom and canvas. 

The institution asserts that it will never deviate from its ultimate purpose of assisting students in cultivating skills such as leadership and practitioners by rooting their studies in real-world problems and placing the primary emphasis on student development, regardless of the technological or pedagogical advancements that may occur in the future.

Similarly, other Harvard schools have also adapted to this method of remote learning, and they are doing their best to incorporate various teaching strategies into their course offerings to make remote learning as efficient as possible. Follow 21K School World Campus for the most up-to-date information on educational trends and news!

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