How to get into an Ivy league school

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How to get into Ivy league school

Many students aspire to attend an Ivy League university, so it’s hardly surprising that Ivy League colleges receive many applications yearly. Princeton University, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Brown University, Cornell University, Harvard University, Yale University, and the University of Pennsylvania are the elite group of competitive universities that make up the Ivy League.

Are you also looking to secure admission to one of the prestigious Ivy League colleges but are unsure about the process involved? Then read on for a detailed guide on how to get into an Ivy League school.

Admissions and acceptance rate

Although each Ivy League school is unique, the admissions procedure at most of them is relatively similar. These institutions are very selective. The average Ivy League acceptance rate has been as low as 8%. This means that their application must satisfy all requirements and highlight exceptional skills. The acceptance rate for each Ivy League varies slightly. For example, according to data, Dartmouth College’s acceptance rate is 6%, whereas Cornell University’s acceptance rate is 11%.

Requirements to get into Ivy League Schools

  • Good academic standing: The most challenging classes offered at high school must have been taken, and these colleges want one to have exceptional grades. Students should enroll if the high school offers AP or IB classes.
  • Standard test scores: Most colleges demand SAT or ACT scores. However, some are making the exams optional.
  • Personal essays: Most institutions will ask students to submit a personal essay or statement of purpose, like why they choose that particular school, career objectives, prior leadership experience, or anything similar. The aim is to demonstrate the writing skills and that they have something unique to offer that university.
  • Recommendation letters: One or more letters of recommendation must be sent with the application; however, more is preferred. Students may ensure that they have a guide in their life who can give professional and personal opinions about their academic performance, drive, and character by developing solid relationships with instructors, coaches, or mentors. Additionally, it will guarantee that he receives glowing letters of recommendation from them.
  • Extracurricular activities: These schools want students to be good not only at studies but as well at extracurricular activities.

Getting into Ivy League Admissions: Is It Difficult?

Yes, getting into an Ivy League institution is considered very tough. Nevertheless, students can increase their chances of acceptance with the correct preparation.

Students should consider applying to an Ivy League school with a higher admission rate if they don’t have a specific ideal school. For example, the highest acceptance rate is at Cornell University, about 11%, and the lowest is at Harvard University, which is 5%.

Tips on Entering Ivy League Schools

  • Apply early: The chances of being accepted into an Ivy League school increase if one applies early. One may submit an early decision (ED) or early action application (EA).
  • Score well on standardized tests: Schools go through the applicant pool using standardized test scores in addition to GPA. Schools typically accept the SAT or ACT. One can take these exams multiple times, and some institutions, like Columbia University, will only consider the highest test score when evaluating their application.
  • Create a striking personal statement: A strong personal statement or essay can significantly improve one’s application. One should use an essay to highlight interests, inner drives, professional experience, and other noteworthy qualities and attributes.
  • Participate in charitable activities: Participating in volunteer work is another personal experience that admissions committees look for. They want to know that one has compassion for others and desires to improve their community’s residents lives.


Ivy League admission is seldom simple or assured. Instead, it requires years of diligent study, culminating in a challenging college application process. But if asked any Ivy League alum, including previous presidents, business titans, and social revolutionaries, they’ll say that going to these selective universities changed their lives.

Learners will develop as a person, have a robust professional trajectory, and improve their chances of realizing their Ivy League ambitions if they are committed to using these methods to get into Ivy League universities.

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