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The college application process can be time-consuming and frustrating. Selecting the schools one wants to apply to might be difficult, and it can be challenging to master all the requirements for each. 

With 6,792 undergraduates, 2,561 graduate students, and 595 medical students among its student body, Brown University is a prestigious, well-known, and competitive Ivy League institution that will open one’s doors to a bright future and encourage a lifelong learning mentality. If someone is considering applying to Brown University, they’ve come to the perfect place since this blog makes things simple for the students.

About Brown University

In Providence, Rhode Island, there is a private Ivy League institution called Brown University. It was established in 1764 to serve as the English Colony’s college. Brown University stands out as a top research university with a strong sense of purpose and a focus on student learning. The notion that their efforts will positively impact the world motivates staff and professors.

Students at Brown University are prepared to thrive as independent thinkers, creative collaborators, and engaged global citizens. As a student, one has the opportunity to pursue the courses one wants through Brown’s renowned open curriculum, and they have the flexibility to discover what one loves, according to the university, which takes pleasure in being inclusive and respectful of all views and requirements.

How tough is it to get into Brown?

Brown University is a highly selective university. Brown University’s admittance rate for undergraduates is 5.5%. Early decision acceptance rates at Brown University were 14.6% for the class of 2026. This is a decrease from the acceptance rate for the 2025 Brown Early Decision class, which was 15.97%.

The admittance rate at Brown University is high. To increase one’s chances, one should submit the best application possible. Before the Brown University application deadline, one should carefully review the Brown University GPA criteria. Brown University SAT and ACT requirements, one’s Brown additional essays, and Brown’s video portfolio.

Who is Brown looking for as a student?

Has anyone ever wondered what a specific university would require of its applicants? Alternatively, what types of pupils would they prefer to accept into their educational system? The fact is that every school has certain things it keeps an eye out for. 

Brown University is looking for bright, self-driven individuals who have effectively used all their high school resources. Additionally, because these kids bring different beliefs to its system, it seeks out pupils from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

What are the Brown application requirements?

The Common Application is a portal from which one can apply to any college they wish. After completing the Common App registration process and adding Brown University to its list of universities, one will be able to apply.

  • GPA requirements: Although Brown doesn’t set a minimum GPA requirement, most admitted applicants are among the best in their graduating class. Admissions authorities prefer applicants who take challenging courses that advance their academic careers and demonstrate dedication to their academic work. The typical high school GPA of a Brown student is around 4.1.
  • SAT requirements: The minimum GPA standards at Brown University are evidence enough of the school’s high level of competition. At this university, the SAT 25th percentile is 1440. 
  • ACT requirements: Brown does not require a test for first-year applicants for the 2021–2022 admission cycle. This implies that if one doesn’t think their test results accurately represent who they are as a student, they do not have to submit them.
  • Personal declarations and essays: Brown advises making sure one’s writings demonstrate their ability and character because these qualities will be used to evaluate one’s application. 
  • Extracurricular activities: One’s involvement in extracurricular activities is essential to Brown University’s admissions process because it reveals a lot about their personality and skills, which the school values highly.

Tips on Applying to Brown University

  • Application Early Start

One cannot emphasise enough how important it is to get started as soon as possible, from gathering materials to brainstorming the essay prompts.

  • Find trustworthy recommenders 

The admissions committee at Brown University values teacher recommendations highly. Pick the recommenders carefully! 

Final thoughts

Each student’s accomplishments within the context of their available options are the main emphasis of Brown’s application screening process. They are evaluated based on the successes and success possibilities of each student. There is no such thing as a “perfect” applicant for admission.

Although Brown is a challenging school, it is also enjoyable! One should not allow the low admissions rate to deter them from pursuing their dream of attending Brown.

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