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It’s no secret that Columbia University is a renowned institution. It is known for its graduates drawing high starting salaries as well as its limited acceptance rate. Several bright minds, including politicians and famous directors, are well-known alumni of one of the oldest universities in the US.

Like any other Ivy League school, Columbia offers networking opportunities in addition to academic programs, allowing students to build a strong network for any future job. However, one must know how to get admission to Columbia. This will be challenging, but not impossible, at a school as selective as Columbia.

What must students understand about Columbia?

Anyone reading this already knows that Columbia University is a highly regarded institution with a distinguished past. As an Ivy League institution with a reputation for academic distinction, Columbia will give students an advantage in the job market with a degree and the contacts one builds there.

Around 54% of new students declare a STEM degree as their first choice major, reflecting Columbia students’ tendency towards STEM fields like computer sciences or engineering. However, that doesn’t imply that Columbia isn’t a top university for the humanities. Numerous well-known artists attended Columbia University, including Ginsberg, Kerouac, Langston Hughes, Art Garfunkel and Katherine Bigelow.

Despite enrolling significantly more STEM undergrads, Columbia is no longer only a STEM-focused university. It is the 2nd best university for English studies and the 6th best for Philosophy and Performing Arts. The university’s departments of Arts and Social Sciences are well regarded. So, students who decide to major in something other than a STEM degree will also benefit greatly at Columbia.

Given everything, it should be no surprise that enrollment will be highly competitive. So, if anyone wants to attend Columbia, they must make sure that their application stands out!

How difficult is it to enter Columbia?

One of the reasons Columbia is such an elite institution is because of its low acceptance rate. If it were simple to enter, it wouldn’t have the same academic and social weight it currently has!

Although reported percentages change from year to year, the average acceptance rate is at least 6% in any given year. Columbia University has an admission rate of 3.9% for the class of 2025, meaning that only roughly four out of every 100 applicants will acquire a priceless acceptance letter.

Every application component is essential because Columbia evaluates them as a whole. However, don’t assume that the likelihood of acceptance is solely determined by the performance on standardised tests and college grade point averages.

What are the GPA and SAT/ACT scores required for Columbia?

To attend Columbia, an Ivy League institution, one must have a high GPA and SAT/ACT score. It’s essential to develop good study habits and be test-ready.

Don’t give up if your grades fall short of what Columbia is looking for. Keep in mind that they look at applications as a whole. So, if students can justify their grades, show improvement, and stand out with extracurricular activities, they still have a chance.

Consider Columbia University admissions as a race. Some students may have focused so much on theoretical running that they lack practical running experience. Despite having a lot of running experience, other competitors lack the skill of athletes who have received expert coaching. Any runners may theoretically prevail, but those who combine practical know-how with theoretical understanding will have an advantage.

What is the typical SAT score for students at Columbia?

With an average SAT score of between 1510 to 1560, Columbia is a very competitive college. Note that this is an average score and not the only score one may receive. Students who score in that range will have a slight boost, while students who score below that range will need to show how well they perform in other areas.

This is why it’s crucial to begin SAT preparations early. Students can always try again if their initial score is off. They will be able to achieve the score target and, as a result, be that much closer to getting that coveted admission letter.

What is the typical ACT Score for students at Columbia?

Regarding ACT scores, Columbia is equally selective. Although there may be some leeway, a higher score is always preferable since Columbia lists their scores between 34 and 35.

The best bet is to study as though a perfect score is the only way to get in, but be aware that other considerations outside test scores also play an important role in Columbia admissions.

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