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The most exclusive university in the United States is Stanford University. Every year, tens of thousands of students from around the world and the United States submit their applications to Stanford University in the hopes of being accepted. Sadly, very few get approved. Because it’s so difficult to get into Stanford, students should be prepared and know how to set themselves apart from the competition. To understand what Stanford is searching for and how one can show that one would be a fantastic addition to the Stanford community, one should start preparing as soon as they decide that they want to join Stanford. Then, one can improve the chances of getting accepted to Stanford University by following the appropriate measures.

What Is The Acceptance Rate At Stanford?

The world’s most exclusive universities include Stanford University. As a result of the volume of applications received and the acceptance rate, it is frequently rated as the most discriminating. Stanford accepted 2,071 of the 47,451 undergraduate applications for the class of 2022. One thousand seven hundred six of those students graduated from the university. This indicates that Stanford’s class of 2022 admittance rate was only 4.4%. These figures illustrate how challenging it is to be admitted to Stanford. If someone wishes to enroll at Stanford University, they should start preparing as soon as possible and work to hone existing skills.

What Grades Must One Have To Attend Stanford?

To get into Stanford, students must have virtually perfect marks. Stanford says that 58% of the candidates for the class of 2020 had GPAs of 4.0 or better, with a 6% acceptance rate, giving students an idea of the kind of GPA they should aim for during high school. Seventy-five percent of the admitted cohort of incoming first-year students had GPAs of 4.0 or higher. In addition, 78% of candidates were in the top 10% of their high school classes, with a 5% acceptance rate. 95% of the new students for the class of 2020 were accepted students who finished in the top 10% of their classes.

Get assistance as soon as one can if one begins a class and realize that they are having trouble. Do not hold off till the grades are in. One can gain a deeper comprehension of the subject matter and perhaps discover an interest they didn’t know they had by hiring a teacher. Even if one didn’t think it was feasible, a tutor could help obtain an A if they are ready to put in the effort.

How Much Do Students Need To Get On The SAT And ACT To Get Into Stanford?

One must take the ACT or the SAT to be considered for admission to Stanford. The school does not favor any particular test over others. According to Stanford, the 2022 entering first-year class’s scores at the 25th and 75th percentiles were as follows:

• 25th percentile on the SAT Math scale: 720

• A 75th percentile 800 on the SAT Math exam

• SAT EBRW at the 25th percentile was 700

• The 75th percentile for the SAT EBRW is 770

• At the 25th percentile on the ACT Composite, 32

• 75th percentile for the ACT Composite score of 35

The maximum score on the SAT Math + EBRW is 1,600. The ACT has a scale of 1 to 36. One should strive to get the highest possible ACT or SAT score, as shown by the given statistics for the incoming class of 2022.

Many individuals commit the error of under-preparing for the ACT or SAT. One should dedicate much time to studying for these assessments, just like any other test. As soon as one can in high school, start preparing. Starting with practice exams like the PreACT and PSAT is a good idea. Students can gain several ways from taking these practice exams in their first or second year.

According to Stanford, if anyone has taken the SAT or ACT more than once, Stanford will give the scores a higher score. To create a super score that best represents students, the school will average the highest scores individuals have received on each subtest throughout your test-taking sessions. One should therefore consider taking the ACT or SAT more than once, starting in the junior year and possibly going into the senior year, if needed.


Students do not need to take SAT subject examinations to apply to Stanford. It does, however, mention that one can self-report the grades they receive for submission. It makes perfect sense for one to take topic tests in the primary subject areas because they let one emphasize the strength areas.

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