How to get into UC Berkeley

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How to get into UC Berkeley

Many Americans’ ideal university is the University of California, Berkeley. It is more popularly known as UC Berkeley, and it is the second-best public university in every state and one of the most respected colleges in the nation. Like applying to any college, applying to UC Berkeley can be a time-consuming process. One must ensure that his application distinguishes him from the thousands of other applicants submitting applications each year if he wants to be admitted to UC Berkeley.

About UC Berkeley

There were only 38 students and 10 faculty members when the University of California was founded in 1868. With the intention of “contributing much more than California’s gold to the glory and delight of advancing generations,” it was founded. The main objectives of UC Berkeley are to serve society as a hub of higher education, to offer outstanding instruction, and to motivate a diverse workforce that is committed, knowledgeable, and service-oriented.

Over the course of its more than 150-year history, UC Berkeley has produced numerous important contributions and discoveries. Faculty and graduates from UC Berkeley are at the forefront of innovation, from producing the influenza virus vaccine during World War II to constructing robotic e-Legs to increase human strength in 2011. Since 1939, 22 Nobel Prizes have been awarded to academic members and alums to recognise their achievements.

Rate of Acceptance at UC Berkeley

Although UC Berkeley has not yet publicly disclosed its acceptance percentage for the class of 2026, it is anticipated to be just around 12%, considering that the school received 128,196 applications and admitted roughly 15,000 applicants.

Requirements for admission to UC Berkeley

Beyond outstanding academic achievement, UC Berkeley places the utmost importance on their ground-breaking comprehensive review of a candidate’s profile. The admissions committee takes satisfaction in giving every application component equal consideration, from activities and GPA to personal reflection essays.

  • High GPA: Candidates who have taken A-G subject courses should have a 3.0 GPA. The minimum GPA required for non-residents is 3.4. 
  • Recommendation letters: These letters should all come from teachers of fundamental academic subjects, at least one of them. The letters should provide evidence of the student’s academic prowess, experience in leadership, perseverance, involvement, innovation, influence on others, and passion for learning.
  • Personal Insight Essay: Even if a student doesn’t match the basic qualifications, admissions authorities can admit them. However, they will ask them to produce a personal insight essay in which they must respond to four of eight personal insight questions that are pertinent to and indicative of their situation.

Is it tough to get into UC Berkeley?

One of the hardest universities to get into, UC Berkeley has seen a significant rise in applicants over the years and has recently faced threats to its enrollment capacity. The admission rate at UC Berkeley has decreased by almost half during the past ten years, from 21% in 2012 to under 12% in 2022, reflecting the rise in applicants.

How to apply to UC Berkeley

The UC application was developed to simplify the application process because hundreds of students are applying to UC Berkeley and thousands are applying to all nine University of California system campuses.

  • UC Berkeley Account: The application procedure begins when one establishes an account. To receive all correspondence regarding admission and financial assistance, one must complete the form with all of their basic information and an active email address.
  • Application Fee of $70: One must pay this application fee for each UC campus where they plan to apply. Applicants from abroad and non-immigrants must pay $80. Students who qualify but cannot pay the application fee can apply for waivers.

Tips on Applying to UC Berkeley

  • The admission requirements must be satisfied: One must fulfil all admission standards. One must proceed carefully because this will mark the beginning of their academic journey at UC Berkeley.
  • Make inquiries about the college and majors: Selecting an undergraduate degree program and major is one of the most crucial decisions one will make during their time in college.
  • Join extracurricular activities: Joining various groups will demonstrate their growth in leadership and interpersonal skills. They’re also a terrific way to have fun and identify any extracurricular interests they may have.


It takes an effort to be admitted to UC Berkeley. High grades will make one a more competitive applicant for admissions, but he also needs to have equally compelling intrapersonal and interpersonal qualities to support them. UC Berkeley seeks out students who can make a difference and serve as leaders, not only for the university but also for California and the rest of the world.

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