IELTS General Writing Task 2

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IELTS is the world’s most trusted and popular exam to assess English language proficiency. The exam is used worldwide for various reasons, including study, work, or migration. More than 11,000 organizations accept the test in over 140 countries. Additionally, its score is accepted by various organizations, including colleges, universities, schools, governments, and industrial organizations.

IELTS is divided into four parts to assess four English language skills —speaking, reading, writing, and listening. The second part of the IELTS is the general writing section, where the test takers are required to write their responses, views, suggestions, or arguments to the questions asked. Most test takers are afraid of this section while preparing for IELTS. If you want to understand how you can score well, structure and familiar topics for the exam, then scroll down to read more!

Exam Highlights

Here is the essential IELTS general writing task 2 information that test takers must need understand before making their attempt-

  • The section is worth 66% of the total marks.
  • Test takers are required to write a 250 words essay.
  • The time given to finish the essay is 40 minutes.
  • Test takers will be assessed based on their grammatical range, accuracy, coherence, task achievement, and linguistic resources.

How to Write Essay in the IELTS General Writing Task 2

Most test takers fail to score well because they don’t analyze the question asked. They don’t understand the essentials required to write an essay. So, here are the steps to write an exceptional essay in writing task 2-

  • Always read and understand the question carefully.
  • Plan the answers
  • Start by writing an introduction so that the examiner will get a straightaway idea of what the answer is all about.
  • Next, write the body of the answer. It must include all the details. In this part, students can put their ideas and main points with relevant examples and explanations.
  • At the end of the essay, always include the conclusion where students can summarise the essay.

Tips to Improve Score In IELTS General Writing Task 2

Many students don’t know what to focus on to score well in the exam. Here is how they can improve their scores-

  • Understand what the exam is all about.
  • Find out their weak points.
  • Find a solution to improve the weak points.
  • Implement the solution.
  • They can ask someone to provide accurate feedback about the areas that need improvement.

What are the Skills Required for IELTS General Writing Task 2

As the competition is fierce, the students are required to develop the following skill set to crack the IELTS general writing task 2-

  • Good analyzing skills to understand the questions.
  • Proper planning skills to plan the answers.
  • Writing skills to write complex sentences depicting their views, suggestions, and arguments as asked in the exam.
  • Paraphrasing and paragraph writing skills
  • Skills to write a thesis within the given word count
  • Grammatical knowledge to write synonyms correctly.
  • Editing skills to keep relevant information and remove unnecessary information

Most Commonly Asked Topics in IELTS General Writing Task 2

The syllabus for the writing task is vast. Students are required to cover the entire syllabus to score well. But, if they are running short on time, they can cover the following topics and score well-

  • Environment
  • Education
  • Health
  • Development
  • Globalization
  • Criminal justice
  • Public transport
  • Government spending
  • Technology
  • Youth crime

Additionally, students must practice the following types of questions when preparing for the exam-

  • Writing task 2 exercises
  • Describing the advantages and disadvantages of the given topic, situation, or things to do
  • Describing whether you agree or disagree with lessons of a given topic
  • Writing problem and solution essay
  • Writing a discussion essay
  • Band 6.5 to 8

Summing Up

IELTS writing task 2 requires the student to write an essay. It is not an easy exam, so students need the proper knowledge, complete guidelines, practice and a good mentor. So, students wishing to get into high universities with a good score on the IELTS exam can enroll themselves at 21k School. They provide online lectures, study material, sample tests, counseling, and everything you need to achieve your dream college and job.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can students practice for IELTS general writing tasks?

Ans: They can learn about the general writing task asked in IELTS by practicing sample papers.

Q2. Is IELTS general reading section easy?

Ans: The test assesses the level of comprehension the student has. Although it is easy, some students may find it difficult. They need to practice a lot before attempting the exam.

Q3. How can you get IELTS general writing test material?

Ans: Students can get sample papers, study materials, and all the other resources online on various websites. One such website is 21k School.


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