US Colleges Expect an Increase in International Enrollment

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international enrollment in us colleges

Admissions to top universities are essential aspects of a student’s life. It becomes more intriguing when it happens to be an enrollment a person is interested in. Being updated with the trends in the enrollment procedure will help the student make the application easily in the future. There is no denying the changing admission rules for universities across the US. 

If one is an international student, the decline in international student enrollment makes them fear their chances. The US universities and schools have significantly increased international student enrollment for session 2022-23. 

The  US colleges expect an increase in the international environment for various reasons.

Increase in International Enrollment at US Colleges this Fall: Why?

It was claimed in a study conducted by IIE (Institute of International Education) that, for the upcoming 2022-2023, US Universities and schools will see a boom in enrollment of international students. A year ago, international enrollment was pegged at 43%, estimated to be 65% for the next year!

The significant decline in international students enrolling in US universities resulted from the COVID -19 pandemic. The stats dropped to as low as 15% from 46%, indicating worrying signs in the sector.  

Gradually increasing International Enrollment  

There was a mixed response from respondents to international enrollments in US Universities. About 12% of these respondents claimed to have decreased application influx in 2022-23. The recent studies conducted claim an increase in international enrollments. 76% of the top international universities and 73% offering doctoral degrees agreed to the increasing international enrollment. 

96% of the institutions that participated in the poll have decided to provide access to future international students for in-person study alternatives, with distance learning options mostly offered to students who cannot attend classes on campus due to travel or visa restrictions. 

Increasing International Student Influx

There are many reasons behind the increased number of international students in US universities. For instance: –

US Colleges and Universities: Extending support to Ukrainian and Russian Students 

With the war continuing, the education of Russian and Ukrainian students is at high risk. In light of helping these students, 248 US colleges reported hosting Ukrainian students, while 307 recorded hosting Russian students in the spring of 2022. 

Both the Universities and colleges in the US are trying their best to accommodate any and every possible enrollment from Russia and Ukraine.  Even though there’s an increasing delay for their visas, the Universities and schools will still be open to enrolling them.

The in-person study is being resumed (Session 2022-23) 

From 2022 to 2023, every city in the US is trying to continue studying in person. This is as support extended to international students wanting to study at US schools and Universities. 

Statistics show that 61% of US colleges and universities plan to use an in-person studying model again. The unique hybrid courses will support these classes. 

The institutions have planned to conduct 33% of the institution studying apps entirely in person. 

The in-person method being chosen by International students at vast  

Because the in-person teaching methodology is back, the enrollment of international students has witnessed an impressive upswing. According to the report, it is always about the experience of studying at US universities that appeals to international students. With most of the studies going online a year ago, the percentage of international student enrollment dropped to 8%. There is an increase with the model again being shifted to in-person. The attended classes by international students at US universities in 2022 touched 55%. 

Increased studying abroad students: US universities 

The reason for international enrollment increasing in the US is also the US students opting to study abroad. According to a study, there has been an influx of study abroad applications from US students to about 83%. This is phenomenally greater than the academic year earlier to 2022 to 23. It has been noticed in all the institutions around the United States.


The US universities have always been a student’s dream experience. However, the pandemic made it extremely difficult to keep up with this dream. Distance learning took a toll on the enrollment of international students in US schools and Universities. In the academic year 2022-23, the influx of international students is expected to rise at a commendable rate.

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