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21K School · Mar 24, 2023 · 3 min read

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21K School World Campus is an online high school aiming at imparting personalized and superior-quality teaching in the comfort of the home. 

To get an idea of how learning at 21K is different, we will introduce Denise, a learner based in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

21K offers the flexibility to follow your interests with the help of its flexible schedule. Denise loved 21K for the same reason. To devote time to her personal interest, i.e., performing arts, she chooses to be part of 21K and definitely isn’t regretting it. 

21K School helps learners to follow their passion with their part-time offering, which is quite impossible in the case of traditional schooling. For students who would love to explore their interests and hobbies outside of their regular schooling, 21K provides online A-level, ESOL, International GCSE, and AP/US diploma classes without interfering with the regular schoolwork. 

Here are some of the reasons why international students (basic students around the world) choose part-time online learning at 21K:

  • To avail an opportunity to learn an international curriculum
  • To take special classes which aren’t available at your school
  • To clear your doubts and approach learning holistically
  • To fulfil university pre-requisites through AP classes

Here is what Denise says about her performing arts learning at 21K, “From the start, 21K has given me a lot more time to focus on the things that I love, it allows me time to focus on my passions, and I have got a lot more time and space to share with my family and friends. I would not say that there was a specific moment when I found my passion for performing arts. It kind of built over the years as I started doing more things.” 

She further adds that she chose to perform arts as she found it a better way to express her feelings. She also believes that her parents noticed that she is much more content while doing performing arts as compared to when she got on this journey. She also says, “they’ve seen how I’m really able to focus on the things that I love doing like my singing and my dancing”. 

Her father, Michael, says, “One has to put in other elements to balance out the academic focus. In a normal environment, it left a necessity very little time to focus on her true patience of performing arts.”

Praising 21K’s efforts, he adds, “21K School has given her an opportunity to catch up on classes that she’s missed in her own time”. He believes that 21K has given her the due flexibility to do performing arts along with her academics. 

Talking about how the school actually works, she talks about the online component. She adds, “the online component is really important in my life because I have got such a busy schedule.”

She used OneNote to make a lot of her notes. She also uses Google Drive to store her notes. Here are her words on 21K classrooms, “A lot of other online schools don’t have their own platform that they can use for their classrooms.”

She was also surprised by the social aspect of the 21K School World Campus. At 21K, learners are allowed to chat with people around the world and every one of her classmates loves such an opportunity. 

On traditional schooling, she mentions, “People are stuck with traditional schooling system with long hours, and they are not given the opportunity to focus on the things they really love doing.”. With 21K School, she loved being able to build on the passion and talent that she found within herself. She also adds. “if you are wondering if you should join 21K, do it! I look forward to seeing you.”

21K School World Campus accepts learners from around the world. You can find a plethora of real-life experiences of part-time learners at 21K. There are learners from the UK, Australia, and New Zealand sharing their experiences of studying at 21K and how it has helped them follow their dreams and passions. 

21K is for everyone. From students of 12 to 18 years old to learners looking for a US high school diploma and more.

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