Introducing James – A Learner at 21K

21K School · Feb 9, 2023 · 1 min read

James learn through Online Classes

Meet James, a learner at 21K who took hold of every opportunity his way!

21K held its Prize Giving ceremony. As always, the exceptional team at 21K School World School worked together to ensure the event was a success for the students and their families. Although, the event’s highlight was two mind-blowing performances by students associated with 21K. They were Eva Poklonskaya and James Dagan.

James offered a personal account of his time as a student at 21K. He grasped every window of opportunity provided at 21K, whether in academics or extracurricular activities. James’ creative contributions have turned 21K into a richer platform for many such young talents. One of James’ significant achievements is essential, as he won the Service to School Award- A hearty congratulations, James!

21K School World Campus is one of the best options for learners with essential commitments outside their everyday schoolwork or those looking to hone their creative skills. 21K offers students online A Level, International GCSE, ESOL, AP, or US diploma classes along with regular school commitments.

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