Ireland and Work Permit: Everything You Need to Know

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The Ireland work permit visa allows non-EU citizens to work in Ireland legally. This is awarded for two years to people who work in a specified job role. It is only available to people who hold an existing offer. It should come from a legitimate and registered Irish employer. The employer or the employee can submit a general application for a work visa in Ireland. It must contain documentation that an EEA national or Swiss has been found for the position. The salary provided for the post must exceed € 30,000.

Apply for a Permit to Work in Ireland

Work visa application in Ireland begins with selecting the work type permit desired by the applicant. After deciding the type of work wanted, the candidate must complete the associated application form. 

Individuals who are granted Permit in Ireland must meet the following requirements:

  • A job contract should be provided to the applicant. They may receive an offer from a company.
  • Assume you need a permit other than the Critical Skills Permit of Employment. The person must then pass the Labour Markets Needs Test.
  • This test verifies that the Irish employer could not find an Irish or EU/EEA/Swiss citizen suited for the issue’s work role.
  • Applicants for a Critical Skills Employment Permit must earn at least €30,000 or €80,000 per year. This is determined by the type of work they want.
  • A General Employment Permit applicant must earn at least €30,000 per year.

The following information must be filled out on the work permit application form:

  • The applicant’s personal information and whether or not an agent assists the applicant in completing the form.
  • Registration information
  • Foreign nationality specifics
  • Redundancy information.
  • Specifics about your job.
  • Details on remuneration.
  • Additional information

Applicants can complete any component of their choice online and edit previously entered information.

Checklist of Documents Required for an Ireland Work Visa

Candidates must electronically attach all required documents to the application form. They must choose the type of document they want to submit from the drop-down option and then upload the matching document online. The electronic records can be in PDF, PNG, or JPEG/JPG format. They must be less than 10MB in size.

The following documents may be required of a candidate for the work permit:

  • A copy of the applicant’s passport, including a photograph, signature, and other details.
  • A passport-size photo that corresponds to the photographic circumstances in Ireland.
  • A signed copy of the job contract between the candidate and their employer.
  • While applying, Irish residents must provide a copy of their current immigration stamp.
  • Important information about a person can be contacted based on the applicant’s preference. This may include their name, the position they hold within their company, their phone number, and their email address.
  • Registration pin or number issued by recognised Irish regulatory agencies or government officials such as ministers.
  • If necessary, send a copy of the letter of support from Enterprise Ireland or the IDA.
  • Information about your employer, such as their name, address, and other vital documents, is obtained from authorised sources.
  • Information regarding the applicant’s job, such as pay or earnings, job obligations, duties, and length of employment.

Work Permit Fee in Ireland and Processing Time

  • Applicants must pay the Ireland work permit processing fee online with a credit or debit card before completing the online application form.
  • Applicants waiting to change their Ireland work permit status must be patient. The processing time for a work visa in Ireland is approximately 13 weeks. Check the DBEI’s official website for your work permit status in Ireland. This webpage allows you to check the status of your visa in Ireland. You can obtain your visa once the visa status in Ireland has been confirmed.

Is it possible to work in Ireland without a work permit?

There are various exceptions for those who require a work visa in Ireland:

  • Ireland Student Visa Holders- International students studying in Ireland can work 20 hours per week while in school or full time, i.e., up to 40 hours while the school is closed.
  • Spouses, civil partners, and parents of Irish citizens of foreign ancestry.
  • Other countries’ refugees camped in Ireland.
  • Foreign nationals are permitted to stay in Ireland for charitable purposes.
  • Foreign nationals are conducting research in STEM or general science fields through a recognised research organisation.
  • Postgraduate students must work to complete their studies.

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