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21K School · Mar 24, 2023 · 4 min read

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Jade, who is just 14 years old, is living her life at 21K School World Campus. She completed her basic education in Kerikeri, New Zealand, but wanted to explore the dynamics of academics beyond this place. Her aim in life is to grow intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and academically. This is the reason why she chose 21K for her higher education. She believes, that in life, nothing is more important than happiness, harmony, and passion. Therefore, she was in constant search of a place that, along with her studies, provides her with the satisfaction of following her dreams. She is elated that she found her happiness abode here at 21K. She states that 21K School – World Campus is a place that takes care of the overall development of its learner and that the best education ecosystem is delivered at 21K.

She wanted to explore beyond New Zealand

Initially, she had doubts regarding the growth of her social skills with online education at 21K School World Campus. But, soon she discovered that even in online classes, social skills are best-taken care of. She then decided to join 21K full-time as living in Kerikeri, New Zealand, was not challenging her enough for her to grow. Though she is just 14, her plans for a better and brighter future were clear. She never wanted an easy life, she wanted tasks that question her ability and curiosity. Being a girl, she has always weighed educational and non-educational aspects on the same level to live a fulfilling and confident life. She is indeed happy that the curriculum at 21K School World Campus is designed in such a way that without any stress, she can focus on her passion while pursuing her education.

Now she does not fear change

Nobody likes change in life, especially when it is about leaving your friends and starting a new life in a different location or even virtually. Well, Jade is no different. But now she feels ecstatic that socializing is not a challenge at 21K. Though the faces are new, the friendship vibes feel the same. Also, being a part of 21K School World Campus has given her new perspectives regarding how she can evolve her current friendships and create new ones with utmost love and affection.

She feels gratified for giving her a stress-free environment at 21K School – World Campus

Before she joined 21K, she had this constant pressure to study, understand, and cover whatever she missed out on so that she does not feel left behind. But, thanks to 21K School World Campus for taking that stress away from her by making the lesson plans thorough and detailed. This gives her enough time and a free mind to concentrate on things she is passionate about. Here, at 21K, quality of education is the primary focus even if the classes are online. Therefore, she states that the number of children in each class is limited which gives every child an opportunity to clear their doubts without any hesitation. And to sort her queries, she says, she simply has to raise her hand. Yes, it is that simple!

Less is more

She emphasizes that less number of learners for online classes is a game changer and this card is played well by 21K. Not only does everyone get a chance to speak, but also get an opportunity to know each other better. She was always looking for an education system that provides her with more challenging tasks and 21K does this job right. Seeing her classmates at 21K being so intellectually developed, she feels intimidated, yet she grows as a person, and for her, that is what matters in the end. She is a girl who wants to bloom outside her comfort zone. She believes that for a great future, this is the right time to challenge herself to do things that she could never imagine doing but always wanted to.

She asks everyone to choose 21K School World Campus. Know why?

The inner happiness that she found at 21K can easily be seen on her face. Jade knows how tough life can be if the right education with an apt skillset is not provided at the right time. She did not want to take that risk by waiting a few years to give an exam as most people tell her in New Zealand. That is why she highly recommends everyone to search 21K on the internet and register for courses they want to pursue without any second thought. She has indeed found the right balance between studies and her passion at 21K  which made her switch from a part-time to a full-time learner.

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