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21K School · Feb 9, 2023 · 3 min read

Manato with his laptop

Manato is 17 years old and has lived in Kawasaki, Japan, with his parents since childhood. He has always wanted to study in Australia for higher studies. However, his dream took a back seat due to COVID and the prolonged pandemic. Nevertheless, he knew he could not let his studies suffer. Therefore, he started looking for options, and we all know that where there is a will, there is a way.

Manato, while searching the internet, came across 21K School World Campus. So, with utmost glee and curiosity, he started exploring 21K. Once satisfied, he knew this was the place that could give him the proper exposure and academic acceleration to fulfil his dream. He has a keen interest in the English Language, Psychology, Economics, and Mathematics. However, his all-time favourite subject is Psychology. Manato is a dedicated and hardworking child who wants to understand the concept and achieve higher grades to have a strong portfolio with great numbers for college.

Why did he choose 21K School World Campus?

At 21K, Manato has gotten the exposure he was looking for if he had gone to Australia. He has classmates from different countries that help him improve his social skills and understand the dynamics and culture of another country. Manato is a person who values a good education, and when it is delivered at his convenience, he does not miss the chance. Manato realizes that after joining 21K, he can manage his time effectively as he does not have to travel long distances, and everything happens at his desk from home.

He understands the thin line difference between being a smart kid and just an intelligent kid in the 21st century. He ensures that to remain competitive, he needs to be an all-rounder. Therefore, he plays football and dreams of managing a football team. The schedule at 21K is such that Manato can explore playing football and his studies.

The timetable at 21K is such that classes happen till later at night. But he is more comfortable with late-night courses as he has to study from the comfort of his house without giving up the privilege of sleeping till late in the morning.

His expectations from 21K

As a student who always wanted to reach higher goals in life, he desired the best education with proper international exposure. 21K School World Campus has provided the best of both worlds to him. He states that 21K has surpassed his expectations by being the best in every aspect. Manato is satisfied that the lecture method is not given preference regarding teaching methodology at 21K. The classes are interactive and use various tools to ensure a better understanding of the topic, and in-depth knowledge is provided to him.

The facilitators’ focus at 21K is not on completing a topic but on ensuring education enhancement happens in each class. He says that facilitators go above and beyond to make the lecture engaging, interactive, and learning-oriented. He is delighted because of such a curriculum, and he grew as a person from within the walls of his home.

Apart from studies, Manato never thought he would be able to connect and build strong-meaningful friendships with other international students. There are communities that he loves to explore at 21K that provide him with the proper exposure as like-minded people come together on one platform. Manato is a student who focuses on every aspect of learning. Therefore, he does not neglect the importance of extra co-curricular activities. This passion gave him a purpose, and he started and launched an economics club along with an international learner at 21K. This is huge because he has never collaborated on anything at this scale with an international student before.

At 21K School World Campus, he pursues his passion for debating. Manato is a member of the debate club, where international students come and enhance their debating skills with the expectation to grow in life and win competitions on a larger scale. He has also applied for various leadership possessions with the hope that he will excel with flying colours.

After being a part of this school, he firmly believes it will be the future epicentre of the education system. He is proud that he got to explore his academic career here. 21K could fulfil all the expectations he had from an international School.

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