Limit Your Kids’ Screen Time in Online Classes

21K School · Feb 9, 2023 · 3 min read

Limit Screen Time During Online Classes

Amidst growing gadgets and technological developments, the screen time demand has dramatically risen. Though the amount of time children spend on digital screens has been a significant concern for parents, it can no longer be overlooked now. Studies and research have indicated that excessive screen time can cause eye strain, sleep disorders and many other complications among kids.

The pandemic has forced many school and college students to study remotely via online lessons adding hours of screen time to their daily schedule. No matter how difficult it is, it is high time that parents and concerned authorities make immediate efforts to limit screen time for children. If you are a parent worried about your kid’s growing screen time, this article is your ultimate guide. Continue reading!

Reasons to Limit Your Kid’s Screen Time

Understanding the problem before attempting to solve it is the first rule of Problem Solving. Hence, before checking the best ways to limit kids’ screen time during online lessons, let us first understand why reducing digital screen time is so crucial. Some of the reasons why limiting kids’ screen time is the need of the hour are as follows:

1. Sleep Disorders

Experts have repeatedly said that exposure to blue light before bedtime can lead to sleep disorders among kids and adults. Hence, it is advisable to switch off digital devices an hour before the kid’s bedtime.

2. Addictions

Digital gadgets and technological advancements are nothing short of wonders for young minds. Hence, it is highly possible that if no efforts are made, children can develop addiction disorders to gaming or technology in the future.

3. Poor Academic Concentration

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Children’s minds have been so captivated by gaming, technology, and digital devices that they find it hard to focus on academic content. Hence, negative academic consequences are another fault of excessive screen time.

Best Ways To Limit Your Kid’s Screen Time

The first step in reducing your kid’s screen time is to determine how much screen time is reasonable enough for your child. Though a bit tricky, here are some ways to help you easily achieve your goal!

1. Cut Down on Passive Screen Time

A variety of content is available on the internet and the apps the kids use. As a parent, you should eliminate passive screen time as much as possible. Passive screen time basically refers to that digital interaction through which your child is not learning anything from the content.

Pro Tip: Instead, please encourage them to indulge in online reading, play digital learning games, solve worksheets, etc.

2. Involve Them Outdoors

These days, many more kids are involved in the digital world compared to the previous generations. The main reason behind this is the lack of outdoor activities / indoor activities. Balance the screen time by making refreshing outdoor plans with your kids. Make sure to spend with your kids outside without any electronic gadgets consistently.

Pro Tip: Plan outdoor picnics or go for a short walk. The key is to show kids an alternative way to enjoy themselves apart from the digital world.

3. Avoid Digital Relaxing Breaks

Nowadays, many kids prefer to relax and rewind themselves by playing online games or watching TV. If your kid is doing the same, it is time to replan their daily routine. Reduce their screen time by taking control of their devices when not necessary.

Pro Tip: Instead of forcefully taking away your kids’ gadgets, teach them non-technological ways to relax like reading, taking a short nap, playing games like ludo, etc.

4. Ensure Device-Free Family Meals

Kids learn from their parents. Hence, if you wish to reduce your kid’s screen time, you must begin with yourself first. Make it a rule to have device-free gatherings or meals in your family. Interacting and sharing your daily life anecdotes with your family can help to cut down your child’s dependency on digital devices significantly.

Pro Tip: If it is impossible for you to have all three meals together without gadgets, ensure at least one device-free meal throughout the day.


Teach your children to identify valuable content from unnecessary ones. Help them take advantage of the technological and digital advancements rather than altogether shunning them. To ensure that your child does not miss out on high-quality education while maintaining good health, it is vital to balance screen time and other activities. Make small but consistent efforts with your child to see remarkable results.

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