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21K School · Jul 26, 2023 · 2 min read

Mary is learning from online school

Mary is a full-time learner at the 21K School – World Campus. She is seventeen years old and hails from Aukland, New Zealand. Mary chooses to come to 21K because of its diverse international curriculum. She is currently studying several subjects such as Biology, Geography, Chemistry, and English literature.

The online sessions of 21K appeal to her the most. She finds it helpful to interact with many facilitators and peers worldwide. Mary admits that she got a more tailored curriculum at 21K School, which she was not getting at her previous schools. This made her more inclined towards academics than ever before.

She also enjoys the free time she is now getting at the academy due to a tailored program. And in this free time in her schedule, she enjoys different types of co-curricular activities to keep her mind and body active. Mary loves to do horseriding and go for volunteering services, and she also takes time to train her brother with his offroad racing.

Narrating her experience at 21K School – World Campus, Mary says her favourite thing about 21K is that there is a wide variety of people that one gets to connect. And some of these people live nearby, and she has become good friends with them. Mary also says that some of her classmates live in faraway places such as Singapore and Japan, with whom she could not connect much. She feels incredible connecting with these friends, and their stories excite her a lot.

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