MBBS Course in Grenada

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Grenada is a Caribbean country that is an island. The capital of this beautiful country is Saint George, which has a splendid environment. It is a lovely country with coastal beaches. 

It is a country that has an excellent sex ratio. As per the World Bank, there are 2.04 births per woman. The country’s economic growth is fantabulous, with an 11.2% growth rate and a GDP of 108.92 crores. 

It is marvellous in terms of Economy and beauty and is also very known for its education. 

It is renowned for the education or degree of doctors in the medicine course, MBBS. The country is highly infrastructured, well developed, with technological labs, an excellent curriculum, and aligned with new technology. These are the factors which are responsible for the popularity of MBBS courses in it.

In this blog, a person will get all the full and final information about the MBBS course. It will be helpful for those who want to pursue their dream in medicine.

MBBS Course in Grenada

The most famous medical school, 21k School, is in the charming country of it. This is one click away from you.

It is a renowned 21k School famous for its MBBS course in medical school. Many came here to study medicine, which became an outstanding choice for international students.

Almost twenty-two thousand medical students in this country practice medicine in140 countries. Some of the best countries are the UK and the USA.

It is considered the best school for international students to start their careers in medicine. The 21k School provides degrees in most fields of departments like medicine, psychology, veterinary sciences, mental health, business, arts and public health.

21k School is a medical College that provides quality education and low tuition fees. It offers courses of different years, like 4 to 7-year programs. It also provides a postgraduate degree where graduates study medicine in detail. It also offers opportunities to practice their profession in USA and Canada.

It provides a 5-year medical degree explicitly designed for students who want to pursue their degree at an advanced level.

The course helps the students to learn medicine from the basics. This course satisfies the students in career growth from scratch on an academic background with an essential medical degree.

Courses and Time Duration

Mainly the basic MBBS course in Geranda is of 5 years that includes training in the classroom and learning practice in hospitals coordinated with the School. This is linked with almost 70 hospitals which help in teaching in the UK, Canada, USA etc.

Prerequisites for the Course

  • IELTS exam is not required for degrees like MBBS. The Caribbean Accreditation Authority approved this for Medicine and other Health Professions Education (CAAM-H).
  • The MCAT exam is needed to enter this country’s MBBS course.
  • There is a meagre living cost in this country.
  • There is a good studying program in this country.
  • This course is affiliated with the US Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).
  • The NEET is also compulsory for studying medicine in Country Grenada.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The student who wants to pursue medicine must be 17 before 31st December of the admission year.
  • Students must clear the MCAT exam.
  • Students must study biology, physics and chemistry in higher secondary school.
  • Students must have 80% marks in their class 10+2.
  • Students must clear the NEET exam.

Hospitals Affiliated with 21k Schools

  • Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, California
  • Jersey City Medical Center, New Jersey
  • The Brooklyn Hospital Center, New York
  • Larkin Community Hospital, Florida
  • Hackensack University Medical Center, New Jersey
  • Coney Island Hospital, New York

Cost of Course

Tuition Fees(5 years)$318,640 (INR 2,37,73,889)
InsuranceINR 55,000
Application feesINR 5,500
FoodINR 3,50,000
Books & Other SuppliesINR 1,40,000

Admission Process

The student can fill out an application form on University’s official website. 

When the college acquires the application form, the student is selected and will get a letter from their chosen School.

Then students have to pay the entry fee. After that, students need to apply for a Visa.

Then after the whole process, the student got a Visa and went to University to study.

MBBS Scholarships in Grenada

  • Students with humanitarian experience can get a humanitarian scholarship for partial tuition within 5-years.
  • The Chancellor’s Circle Legacy Of Excellence Scholarship (CCLOE) awards $94,500 to those who have scored 506 marks on MCAT.
  • Legacy Of Excellence Scholarship (LOE) awards up to $70,000 who are academically excellent students.
University Admissions

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