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21K School · Apr 11, 2023 · 1 min read

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This blog was introduced to the readers on 26th January 2021. Let’s know Alison in detail.

Alison, a Bristol, UK native who is 18 years old, attends 21K School World Campus

Alison joined 21K to improve her math skills and increase her career prospects. In addition, she can learn more than she would in a regular school setting because of her flexible lesson timings.

Alison enjoys the intimate relationships she can have with her facilitator and classmates at 21K because of the small class sizes. In addition, she discovered that she could concentrate better and participate in extracurricular activities because of the flexibility of the scheduling.

Alison enjoys taking pictures and playing music in her neighbourhood. She creates and performs her music at her leisure.

Alison has been able to study more deeply, which has allowed her to finish her homework quickly and add to her knowledge base. In addition, she appreciates that various disciplines are offered, allowing pupils to study more than they would in a traditional school.

Excellent would be the word that would use, to sum up, 21K School World Campus. Everyone is accommodating and eager about their work, and her recommendation is to go for it.

Meet Alison and her batchmates in our upcoming blogs.

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