5 Top Memory Game For Kids To Boost Memory Fast

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Memory games for kids

Since times immemorial, parents have used games to help their children develop new skills. These fun-filled but, at the same time, educative activities also boost interaction between children and parents.

Nowadays, there is no dearth of exciting games that help growing kids develop foundational skills. One of the major benefits of these games is an increased ability to focus more and memorise quickly.

Memory is one of the most important skills that help children excel in subjects like math, science, and languages. Children’s brains are like sponges; they can quickly absorb newly learned things. It helps in shaping their personality. If a kid has difficulty memorising, it is important to introduce memory-boosting games and activities. Interesting activities like musical ability, religious activities, sports, and more also help in giving a boost to their memory.

How Do Memory Games Help in Boosting Memory?

Memory games are designed in such a way that kids can have loads of fun while, at the same time, stimulating competitiveness among them. It also contributes to enhancing and improving brain function.

Keep kids’ brain function active and energised with memory games. Have a look at the top 5 memory games that boost memory fast.

5 Top Memory Games For Kids

Picture Bingo

It is one of the most exciting and fun memory games that helps boost memory in kids. The kid has to match the storyboard with the picture cards in a simple game. It is a fast-paced game, and the kid competes with other players. The kid must collect as many cards as possible to earn more points.

Picture Bingo helps develop a child’s memory and improves concentration. They must think quickly, match pictures, and earn the highest points. This also stimulates interaction among children who get an opportunity to make new friends.

Parents and teachers can help kids to make this game more interactive and add new challenges to keep their interest in the game.

Words Parallel 

Another interesting memory game that helps boost a child’s memory is Words Parallel. In this game, the player has to remember the words spoken by the previous player and add new words to the same category.

Depending on the memory of the player, the number of words increases. It is a charade where the player can sing a hymn and then list the word spoken by the previous player while adding a new verse. It encourages quick processing abilities in children, besides remembering information gleaned from lessons, school, and other areas of learning.

Such a fun exercise keeps them interested in the game!

Magic Mug 

In this game, children learn to focus on observing the movement of the cup. One of the cups will have candy or a ball. The player needs to obtain this goodie. They must focus and avoid getting distracted by the noisy or chaotic environment. The constant focus for at least 30 seconds helps them watch the cups’ movement last and keep an eye on the prize.

This memory game benefits the kids, as they constantly struggle to remember things and keep their focus intact. This stimulation keeps them focused, and they can retrieve the information required by the brain for processing. They learn how to draw quick conclusions.

Card Recall

It is another one on the list of top memory-boosting games. It need not be a multiplayer game; one kid alone can also play it well. In the Card Recall memory game, the player can take 15 minutes to search for finding the matching card.

The best memory game for kids to boost memory quickly isn’t always a multiplayer game; it can be played alone and still be effective.

Card Recall is a memory game in which the player must find the matching card after 15 seconds of searching.

The game gets over as soon as the player finds all the matching cards. The game’s difficulty level increases if the player takes longer to search for the matching cards.

The main feature of this game is encouraging children to remember images. It helps develop the brain’s ability of children by understanding and remembering patterns.


Sudoku is undoubtedly one of the best memory games available for kids to help boost their memory quickly. It is a board game where the player must fill in the blanks using numbers from 1 to 9 without doubling the number vertically, horizontally, or using the remaining numbers in the same umbrella.

This game improves the kids’ strategy-making, analytical thinking, cognitive skills, and more by encouraging them to spot patterns quickly. It helps brain neuron development, memory, and brain function.


These memory games have proved to be instrumental in improving memory in kids. Parents and teachers can encourage kids to enjoy these games while benefiting from them.

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