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MIT University

What are the standards for admission to MIT? A college application has a lot of different elements, but you should focus on just a handful of the most important ones:

GPA requirements

• Requirements for exams like the ACT and SAT

• Application requirements

Let’s go over the requirements for admission to MIT in this post and how to make a robust application.

If one wishes to be admitted, one should first look at the acceptance rate, demonstrating the complexity of the school’s requirements. The admittance rate at MIT is 6.7%. Only 7 applications out of every 100 are accepted.

This exemplifies the school’s rigor. It’s critical to fulfill their GPA levels and SAT/ACT requirements to pass their initial filters and be confirmed academically prepared. If one doesn’t meet their requirements, there are very few prospects of getting in.

Once they have overcome this challenge, students will need to impress the MIT admissions committee with their letters of recommendation, essays, and extracurricular activities. Let’s discuss more below.

GPA Requirements For MIT

Although many institutions have minimal GPA requirements, this is often the absolute minimum requirement to submit an application without it being immediately rejected.

The GPA criterion that matters is the GPA students must have to have a chance to be admitted. The average GPA of the school’s current pupils is taken into account by researchers.

The average GPA at MIT is 4.17.

With a GPA of 4.17, MIT requires students to be at the top of their class, and one must receive practically all As to compare their application to others. To dispel the myth that college-level schoolwork is straightforward, students should also sign up for complicated subjects like AP or IB courses.

Requirements For The SAT And ACT

The requirements for standardized tests differ from school to school. Most schools require the ACT or SAT, and many also need subject tests of SAT. Students will have to take the ACT or SAT to apply to MIT. More importantly, success is necessary for a strong application.

SAT Requirements for MIT

Despite the claims of many universities that they have no SAT cutoff, there is a hidden SAT requirement based on the institution’s standard grade. 1535 is the aggregate SAT score on a 1600-point scale. Because of this score, MIT seems Extremely Competitive for the scores of SAT exam.

Therefore, if the current super score is below 1570, experts strongly suggest that students consider studying for the SAT and retaking it. One has a fantastic chance to raise their score, which will significantly increase their chances of getting admitted.

Furthermore, the Superscore enables simultaneous focus on a specific portion only. If the Reading score on the SAT is lower than the scores on the other parts, you should study for it before taking the test. Focus on math and other subjects for the upcoming test. By accomplishing this, one will earn the highest Superscore possible.

ACT Requirements for MIT

Similar to the SAT, it’s unlikely that MIT has a hard ACT cutoff, but if candidates receive a low enough score, their application will be turned down.

35 is MIT’s average ACT score. MIT is now Highly Competitive for ACT scores as a result. The range of ACT scores is 34 in the 25th percentile to 36 in the 75th percentile.

It will be difficult to get in unless one has additional strong application materials, even while MIT undoubtedly claims that if one applies with a 34 or lower, you will find no requirement of minimum ACT. A 34 will come seen as less intelligent because so many applicants received a 35 or higher.

MIT: Class of 2026 Early Action Acceptance Rate

Early action applications from 14,781 candidates to the MIT Class of 2026 were received. This is a growth of 59% from just two years ago. For the class of 2021–2022, 697 applicants received offers of admission, which corresponds to a 4.7% acceptance rate. 3,959 individuals were categorically rejected by the institution, while 9,489 candidates were rejected for the regular round.

Class of 2026 acceptance rate at MIT

33,796 applications were received for a place in the first-year class of 2022-2023, and only 1,337 of them were accepted. The average acceptance rate for the Class of 2025 was 4.03%, so this percentage of 3.96% was slightly lower.

Trends in Admissions and Notes

• MIT declared that there would be no optional admission for the Class of 2027.

• There were about 2% more applications for the Class of 2026.

• The acceptance percentage for SAT Math test takers with scores of 750 or higher was 10%, while the acceptance rate for test takers with scores of 700–740 was 1%.


When pupils achieve the academic standards, there is no risk in applying to MIT. However, much like with all ultra-elite universities, even the most qualified candidates will need to have a guaranteed backup plan in place by 2022.

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