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Education decides a person’s future and is regarded as the biggest investment one makes in life. This investment in the future should be made wisely and after due consideration. It can be helped by choosing the best-suited University for one’s career goals.

Many universities today are regarded among the best universities in the United States as they can provide the best education. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Harvard University are two such institutions.

There are many choices available. A student should be able to weigh what every university offers, making the decision process easier. Here we will consider some essential aspects between Harvard and MIT to determine which should be your choice.

Overview: Harvard vs. MIT

It is always easier to choose with a thorough knowledge of both ends. So here are some essential facts about both Harvard and MIT.

What are some crucial facts about Harvard University?

Harvard was founded in 1636. Harvard stands to be the best-ranked university on a global scale. Moreover,

●       The university has four undergraduate courses to offer.

● It has 11 institutions offering a range of postgraduate programs.

What are some crucial facts about MIT?

MIT is the United States’ leading private institution that is recognized all over the globe. A few important points to note:

● It is strongly inclined towards research in technological as well as scientific advancements.

●       It offers programs for undergraduates, graduates, and post-doctoral degrees, spread among 30 departments.

The table below will throw light on some important points about Harvard and MIT,

CriteriaHarvard MIT
2022 Ranking for QS World University51
Acceptance Rate: Class of 20253.43%4%
Tuition Fee$51,904 USD$55,510 USD
GPA (Average)3.7-4.03.7-4.0
ACT/SAT Scores (Average)SAT: 1460-1580ACT: 32-35SAT: 1520-1580ACT: 34-36
Graduate’s Starting Salary (Median)$69,000 USD$95,000 USD

Academics: Harvard v/s MIT

The below table provides a list of subjects for major courses at Harvard as well as MIT,

Subjects at HarvardSubjects at MIT
Cellular And Molecular BiologyElectrical Engineering
PsychologyComputer Science
Computer ScienceMechanical Engineering

Student Body: Harvard v/s MIT

Before attending a university, one should be aware of every aspect; one of which is the student influx. Here are some numbers.

Class Size (Average)12 <20
Student Population (Total)23,73111,934
Student Population (Undergraduate)5,2224,638
Student Size (International)12%10%
Ratio of Students to Faculty7:13:1

Tuition: Harvard v/s MIT

The table below talks about tuition fees and other significant expenses for Harvard and MIT.

Fee (Tuition)$51,904$55,510
Meal and Housing Plan$21,130$18,100
Cost of Attendance (Total cost estimated)$85,060$77,020

Scholarships/Financial Aid: Harvard v/s MIT

Securing admission into a prestigious university like Harvard or MIT is challenging as it requires considerable financial investment. A student must invest a significant amount towards tuition fees and allied expenses. But this cannot be a reason for holding back, this is why there are various financial aids available for deserving students.

Application: Harvard v/s MIT

Both MIT and Harvard are among the best universities. This makes it necessary to have an extensive application procedure. Here is a glance at the application process.

Harvard: Application

●       A holistic approach to evaluation.

●   Extracurricular activities and personal interests are examined.

●     Supplement information and essay questions help determine the intentions to study at Harvard.

●     A thorough guideline for the admission process is available on Harvard’s official website.

MIT: Application

●      Grades and test results hold a lot of weightage.

●      The missions and values should be at par with the universities.

●      The university prefers students that aim to learn and grow with creativity and balance.

●    Supplement essays at MIT can be the ticket to getting admitted. Be thorough and honest with them.

Harvard v/s MIT: Which one is easy to get into?

Both institutions are very tough to secure admission into as the competition is very tough. If looking at the acceptance rate, one can see there are far better chances to get into MIT than at Harvard. The student will still have to invest all they have to obtain a fair chance!

Harvard v/s MIT: Which to choose?

Everyone has decided to choose what and where to get the best education for a fulfilling career. Whether it is Harvard or MIT, both the universities ensure to add to the education as much value as it does to live as a whole!

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