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It is quite possible that while exploring the option of studying abroad, New Zealand never crossed your mind. But, in reality, it should. The quaint country in the Southern hemisphere has upped its ante on attracting foreign students to its shores with a slew of courses and scholarships. In addition, the gentle country offers several other benefits that call for a relook as a study destination.

The Peaceful Country

This Pacific Ocean country has two islands — Northern and Southern – with 90 percent of the population concentrated in the Northern Island. The country’s capital, Wellington, is also located on this island.

New Zealand is well-endowed with natural beauty with tall mountains, beautiful shores, and lush green plains, making an enchanting picture. Just like nature, New Zealanders are known to be friendly and easygoing people. There are two major ethnicities – Europeans and Maoris. Maoris trace their origin to Polynesian migrants and the majority of Europeans come from different countries in Europe.   

The majority of the 4.7 million population is settled in the four cities – Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Hamilton. As a result, one seldom comes across bad news from this Commonwealth country. Instead, it offers peace and serenity to pursue higher education. 

The Skill-based Educational Setup

One is spoilt for choices when it comes to studying in New Zealand. To live up to its educational legacy, the national government vows to follow the values of kaitiakitanga — a Maori word that means care for the world around us and future generations. This finds reflection in the entire educational set-up of the country, with special care extended to the foreign students pursuing education in New Zealand. All of New Zealand’s universities are ranked among the top 3% worldwide by QS World Ranking.  

1. Auckland University

2. The Auckland University of Technology

3. The University of Canterbury

4. Lincoln University

5. Massey University

6. The University of Otago

7. Victoria University of Wellington

8. The University of Waikato

Studying in New Zealand

Let’s look at some benefits of pursuing higher education in New Zealand.

1. New Zealand offers better student discounts than other countries, so pursuing an education is more cost-effective than in the UK, US, and Canada.

2. Some of the colleges have completely done away with entrance exams. It means that students can get direct entry into some of the colleges and courses.

3. It was the top country in the fight against the deadly Coronavirus, which speaks volumes about the governance and healthcare system of the country.

4. It is a very safe country to pursue higher education. In addition, it was ranked second on the Global Peace Index.

5. There are fewer restrictions on working while studying at the University. Students are allowed to work for 20 hours during working days and full-time during holidays.

6. After passing out of the University, a graduate can avail of a 3-year work visa in the country.

7. The degrees from the Universities here are accepted in India, and a Master’s degree can be completed in 1 or 2 years, depending on the student’s capabilities.

8. One of the distinguishing features of education here is an emphasis on employability. Te Pukenga is the skill development institute of New Zealand where one can acquire skills while still pursuing education. You can increase your chances of employability by acquiring skills through a curriculum designed with the help of industry. 

Merit-based Financial Aid

One should know a few facts before applying for a scholarship at universities here. First, unlike the Yale university, which follows a need-blind policy in giving grants, the scholarships depend on students’ academic performance, the course of study, and the University.

The government also sponsors New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship for foreign students pursuing Ph.D. in Science in the universities here.

The NZ Commonwealth Scholarship covers the entire tuition fees of the commonwealth countries.

Pandemic Restrictions

Since the government has been fairly strict in implementing COVID norms, it has stopped issuing fresh visas for studying in New Zealand. However, existing students have been given visa extensions. The borders are now open with some restrictions. Just verify them before opting for a course here. The universities have also gone online to conduct the admission formalities. Before traveling to that country, it would be wise to check the vaccination requirements.   


One of the important factors is to ensure your place to stay during the entire duration of the course. Though the cost of living here is at par with OECD countries, it may vary depending upon the location of the University and the course of study you opt for. Therefore, homestays are a popular choice for short-duration stays. 

In all, do consider New Zealand if you plan to study abroad. It is well worth a try.


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