Prospects of Higher Education in Singapore

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Many students aspire to complete their further education abroad. This is where the universities of developed countries come into the picture. They provide quality education to students and focus on their overall development. The exposure that foreign universities provide is immense. Some of the best universities in the world are located in the most developed countries like the United States of America, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Japan, and others. Located near the equator, Singapore is an Asian country officially known as the Republic of Singapore. 

The country is ranked at the top in terms of per capita income. It is the second safest country in the world and is therefore preferred by tourists and students from around the world.

Education Prospects in Singapore 

The government in Singapore spends 20% of its total budgetary expenditure on education alone. The government’s spending can be seen in its institutes’ infrastructure, which has breathtaking aesthetics, large campuses, and multiple facilities for its students. Although Singapore is one of the most expensive countries in the world, studying is affordable for students. 

Singapore is the pioneer of the STEM branches (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) of education. Almost 65% of Singaporean students take up vocational training courses after completing school. The student-teacher ratio in Singapore stands at 12:1 instead of 25:1, in most Indian educational institutions.

The difference is reflected in the understanding of the concepts by students. A study conducted in 2009 showed that Singaporean students performed second-best in the world, just after the US, in having advanced knowledge of Mathematics, English, and Reading. 

Pros of Studying in Singapore

Although education in Singapore is world-renowned, many students are concerned about the expenses.

Singapore is ranked as the second safest nation in the world. Thus students don’t have to fear losing their luggage at the airport, technical gadgets at home or even late-night walks with friends. It offers international exposure since students from many countries study together. Thus the environment promotes learning about the different cultures and traditions of other nations. University-offered accommodation is less expensive and subsidized by the government, with Indian students given preference for hostel accommodation. Some of the best institutes in Singapore are NTU, NUS, SUTD, INSEAD, and SMU. 

These renowned institutions leave no stone unturned to provide the best experience to their students and practical learning in their respective fields of subjects. The political environment is stable and conducive to foreign students finding multiple opportunities in terms of jobs and entrepreneurial activities. 

Student expenditure at Singaporean Institutions

Although Singapore is one of the most expensive countries in the world, students’ expenditures will not be too expensive with proper budgeting. Tuition fees can be reduced to half if the student is willing to sign a contract with the Singaporean government to work for three years in the country after they complete their graduation or Master’s degree. 

Food is a basic necessity of life and is a significant consideration to be made while looking for a country to settle in. Singapore has numerous cuisines available throughout the country. Indian cuisine is also available even on university campuses. 

Traveling in Singapore is affordable and convenient with facilities like the metro and bus which has a minimal cost of around $2. The climate is comfortable for international students and is a popular tourist spot during the summer. Popular attractions include Marina Bay Sands, Universal Studios, and famous bird sanctuaries along with 60-meter skyscrapers.

Even after all this, students always have the option to do part-time jobs to cover their educational and living expenses. Part-time jobs are readily available at supermarkets and online, or students can even work as research assistants for their professors. 


The land of excellence is awaiting you right at your doorstep; you need to make the call and book a flight to the dreamland of your college. You can cover your expenses and become self-sufficient after the years you spend your time at college. Thus, one must always grab the opportunity and work hard to get to where one can graduate to go further and rule the world.


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