Study Abroad as a College Athlete

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Most student-athletes don’t know how to expand their horizons beyond their playing field. Top universities appreciate student-athletes, their dedication to gaining academic knowledge, and their sports interest. They provide them with facilities, infrastructure, exposure, and world-class training in their field. If you want to know more about study abroad opportunities for young athletes, scroll down to read!

Study Abroad as a College Athlete

Here is a step-by-step guide depicting the study abroad journey of a student-athlete: –

  1. Firstly, student-athletes must discuss their academic and sports expectations with the coach or academic advisor.
  2. As per the suggestion of their coach, they must conduct research. They should look out for colleges that provide a sustainable atmosphere for a budding sports player. It is best to check the sports club and facilities in the colleges.
  3. Once the research is done, they should meet an academic advisor to shortlist colleges.
  4. After selecting the best college per their needs, they should connect with alums or students in that college. They can ask about their learnings, experience, practice-study balance, student life, and perspective.
  5. Once they finalize the college, it is best to look for sports-related scholarship opportunities. They should pay close attention to their eligibility requirements and deadlines.

Academic and Athletic Success

Young athletes must maintain a healthy practice-sports balance. They must attend practice sessions and games, maintain their shape, and adopt healthy eating habits. Additionally, they need to finish their academic assignments, classes, study projects, and exams. Time management is a daunting task for them. They should make wise decisions on how they want to spend their free time. Here are some proven tips and tricks to help these young athletes:

●       Plan it Out: They need to plan out the day. Make a schedule with daily, weekly, or monthly goals and stick to it. It will also help them learn to prioritize tasks based on their goals.

●       Look Out for Academics: It is best if the student-athlete has an open conversation with their college professors at the beginning of the semester. They can ask for tutors, extra classes, professors’ support, or to join study clubs to maintain good grades.

●       Be Consistent: Young athletes should not give up, no matter how difficult the situation is. They should constantly remind themselves why they initially joined college and sports.

Top Study Destination for College Athletes

Here is the list of the top seven study abroad destinations for the student-athletes:

  1. Argentina: The country has won more soccer, rugby, and tennis championship than any other nation in the world. Owning to it, Argentina is regarded as one of the best destinations for athletes.
  2. Australia: The lifestyle of Australia, specifically Sydney, is known for its outdoor culture. Their popular games include rugby, surfing, and tennis. Along with academic excellence, their sports infrastructure is an added benefit for student-athletes.
  3. UK: For sports enthusiasts, the UK is an ideal location as it is famous for its games too. They have infrastructure and facilities for cricket, rugby, F1 racing, baseball, golf, football, and many others.
  4. France: It has always been famous for encouraging sports activities. They have the finest cyclists and handball players in the world.
  5. Japan: It has become an ideal location for college athletes because of its sports culture, disciplined life, technological advancements, and modern infrastructure.
  6. New Zealand: When student study in New Zealand, they get a taste of rugby, cricket, swimming, and basketball there. The country has won the maximum World Cup Championships in rugby.
  7. Spain: It undoubtedly tops the list of best sports destinations for young athletes. Spain has given the world some famous players in soccer and basketball. Additionally, it is also known for badminton and cycling.

 Top 10 Colleges to Study Abroad for College Athletes

As per the QS World Ranking, 2021 (Sports-related subjects), here is a list of the top 10 colleges worldwide for student-athletes who wish to study abroad:

  1. Loughborough University, United Kingdom
  2. University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
  3. University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
  4. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
  5. The University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
  6. Deakin University, Geelong, Australia
  7. University of Melbourne, Parkville, Australia
  8. University of Bath, Bath, United Kingdom
  9. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
  10. University of Florida, Gainesville, United States

Young students should not give up on their dream of becoming renowned athletes because of their academics. Instead, they should choose a college that helps them achieve their dreams. Then, they can contact 21X School to consult our experts in selecting the best-fit course and universities for them.

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