Study Abroad in a Country Rich in History: Turkey

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Due to social and cultural diversity, Turkey offers the best of Asian and European cultures, enriching every international student’s experience. Numerous international students are interested to learn in Turkey. The main objective of the Turkish government is to attract approximately 3.5 lakh overseas students, during the coming few years. Among the 183 institutes of higher learning in the nation, 109 are state colleges, and the remaining 74 are non-private ones. Universities provide a variety of courses in well-liked subjects for degrees ranging from bachelor’s to masters to doctorates. Even though the Turkish system of higher-level education is one of the newest in the world, it has already established a solid reputation.

All about Turkey

Turkey is spread throughout many continents, namely Eurasian, the Mideast, West Asia, the Balkan Region, and Southeast Europe, and is home to more than 80.8 million people. With numerous invasions and occupations, Turkey has a lengthy and challenging history. Despite the political unrest it is experiencing, Turkey is still a fantastic option for any student who wants to move here for higher-level degrees. Turkish culture is multifaceted, and despite its opening to the west, it nonetheless upholds its time-honoured traditions. Turkey is a fantastic travel destination, and with the country’s quick educational advancements, affordable tuition, and high-quality education, it is now the ideal location for international students.

Cost of Living and Attending University in Turkey

  1. For public universities, you should budget between TRY 1,600 and TRY 9,000 per year (INR 13,850-INR 77,947).
  2. The average annual tuition at a private university is about TRY 110,000, making them relatively more expensive (INR 9,52,564.71).
  3. If compared with smaller cities and villages, larger cities will cost more. For lodging, groceries, and travel, you should expect an expenditure between TRY 2,000 and TRY 2,700 monthly (INR 17,325 – 23,381).
  4. You should set up between TRY 500 and TRY 800 every semester for all the books required and all the management costs (INR 4,3328 – INR 6,921).
  5. Another is health insurance. Register with the Turkish Social Security Institution (SGK) or make sure you have a current health insurance policy that covers you for the entire time you are a student. Contact your institution with any additional questions.

Permits and Visas for Students

A visa is required if you want to learn in Turkey. The paperwork you would typically need to provide to obtain a Turkish study permit is listed below:

  1. A genuine passport
  2. filled-out application form
  3. Two photographs the size of a passport
  4. A letter of approval.
  5. Evidence of travel insurance.
  6. Evidence of health insurance
  7. Flight confirmations
  8. receipt of the processing fee for a visa
  9. Proof of financial independence
  10. As a rent contact, provide evidence that you have accommodation during your visit.
  11. Transcripts and certifications from prior coursework

Cities for International Students in Turkey

The following cities have excellent options to provide for international students, and they all have reputable universities and good teaching standards: 

Istanbul- The most well-known student city

Istanbul is among the top student cities worldwide. Istanbul has become a student city because 29 per cent of the total Turkish universities exist in Istanbul.

Best Universities in Istanbul:

  1. Istanbul University
  2. Ozyegin University
  3. Istanbul Technical University
  4. Yildiz Teknik University 
  5. Istanbul Aydin University

Ankara—Turkey’s capital city and a popular destination for students

In Turkey, it is the second most popular location for private universities. Ankara is one of the best locations to complete your higher degree, with 15 universities.

Best 5 Universities in Ankara:

  1. Atilim University 
  2. Ankara University
  3. Middle East Technical University
  4. Lokman Hekim University
  5. TED University

Sakarya-Turkey’s most diverse learners’ city

Sakarya is a densely populated city because it is so close to Istanbul. It is a developing city and the location of Sakarya University, which retains its name.

Best Universities in Sakarya:

  1. Sakarya University of Applied Sciences 
  2. Sakarya University

Izmir – A city for living and learning

The third-most populous Turkish city is Izmir, situated in the country’s west. In Izmir, there are a total of top 9 universities.

Best universities in Izmir:

  1. University of Ege
  2. Dokuz Eylul College
  3. Technology Institute of Izmir
  4. Yasar University
  5. Izmir Economy University 

With over 92 percent education rate, Turkey ranks 2nd in the world for offering higher level education. Turkey is a very economical and welcoming country for students! Considering studying abroad but uncertain how to apply? To clear up all of your questions, speak with our professionals at 21K School and consider a session right away!

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