3 Fun Summer Coding Projects for Young Learners

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Imagine the excitement of being able to make your own game! It’s not just for adults anymore. Coding doesn’t have to be limited in any way, shape or form when it comes to programming skills. Children can learn coding with simple yet powerful and fun digital tools.

If you are looking for ways to keep your kids entertained and learning over the summer, keep reading and find out about coding projects for students that are perfect for young learners! These projects are fun and engaging and will teach your child some valuable skills. Coding is becoming increasingly important, so don’t wait any longer to start exploring this amazing skill.

What is “Coding” for young learners?

The “coding” activity for young learners is a great way to teach them the basics of programming and computer science. It is a fun and interactive way for them to learn about how computers work and how to control them.

People of any age group can learn to code, but it is most beneficial for kids aged 8-12. It will help them understand how computer programs are written and work. Additionally, it will give them a chance to practice their problem-solving skills.

There are many ways to code, but Scratch and Python are the most popular coding languages. These languages are relatively easy to learn and use, making them ideal for kids.

With this activity, they can create their computer programs and games. They can also share their creations with others online. This is an excellent way for them to interact with other kids interested in coding and enhance their brains.

There are many coding projects for students these days, and in this article, we will look at the three best coding for learners. 

Top 3 Fun Summer Coding Projects for Young Learners

Do you want to keep your child intellectually stimulated and engaged over the summer break? Coding is a great way to do just that! It helps children develop problem-solving skills, logic & reasoning abilities, and creativity. These three coding projects are perfect for young learners:

1. Minecraft Code of Hour– What’s better than playing Minecraft- one of the best coding for learners! In an hour, your child can take a journey through the world of blocks and learn new skills. Your child will have fun learning how to create the character or explore different areas in this great game as a beginner. Minecraft is a great way to teach kids coding skills!

The three modules of the game will help your child learn about essential concepts like loops, variables, and functions. At the same time, it will be easy for them to design their own Minecraft world in Designer Mode or conquer adventures on the frontier with Adventurer mode.

Each challenge consists of multiple tasks which get increasingly more complex moving further, perfect for practicing for young learners. This creative and fun coding activity excites kids if they like challenging puzzles. It only requires a computer and a steady internet connection.

2. CodeSpark Academy with the Foos– CodeSpark Academy is a coding school that teaches young learners to create adorable Foos characters and solves puzzles. These mini-games will teach them about sequencing, loops, etc., so they can take their food through some obstacles by choosing from multiple options.

Codespark has developed an app to teach kids how to code. This free and easy-to-learn language is perfect for all learners, not just those who want a career in coding. It offers hours’ worth of activities your child can spend on these virtual playgrounds.

The resources are free for educators, and there is also a 30-day trial membership. CodeSpark is a fun and easy way to get kids coding. No matter your age, you can use this app. It has a user-friendly interface that makes understanding the codes easier.

3. Create Your Own Google Logo– The next time you think about the Google logo, imagine how difficult it must have been to create that sophisticated design with basic programming knowledge. Imagine making your brand stand out and teaching yourself critical coding skills at once! It sounds fascinating!

Google has developed a new way to get young students involved in coding and animation. They’re giving them the opportunity for creativity while also teaching beginners what it takes to create an effective logo or program lettering on their own! You can now make your own Google Logo and bring it to life.

Whether you want the letters of GOOGLE dancing or telling a story, they can be created and designed efficiently. In this activity, students will use Scratch, a popular programming language designed for kids called MIT that’s easy enough even for beginners to understand with its block-based interface.

Google has many fantastic resources for teachers who want to run this activity in their classrooms. They provide an extensive lesson plan and include extra materials like certificates that students can receive after completing the task.


Coding is a great way to keep young minds active and engaged during summer. If you’re looking for fun coding ideas for your kid, check out resources online and enroll your child in fun coding activities today.

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