Ten Best Vegan-Friendly Colleges in the World

21K School · Jul 27, 2023 · 3 min read

Students globally struggle to locate universities that offer such inclusivity as it becomes a crucial factor when selecting educational institutions. Such is an example of vegan students. If you are a vegan student studying abroad, you must know the challenges of attending colleges and finding places to eat.

To ease your concern, we provided you with a global list of colleges that accept vegan students. Your college experience will be resolved by it. View the top vegan-friendly universities across the globe!

Top Universities that support the Vegan Lifestyle

While many colleges and universities have vegan options for meals, these are some of the best renowned top universities worldwide:

1. New York University

Regarding the variety of vegan cuisine offered, it is one of the most prominent colleges. Students like dining both on and off campus. With non-dairy milk options, the dining hall consistently provides vegan dishes. The vegan cuisine is clearly labelled. To encourage veganism on campus, the dining hall has been changed into a “vegan exclusively” dining hall.

2. Southern Illinois University

A nutritious diet is the best approach to keep children’s minds engaged, productive, motivated, and stimulated. That is exactly what is provided through Southern Illinois University’s vegan and vegetarian dining options. Students at the university will undoubtedly look forward to every meal, whether it is orange fennel rice, vegan stuffed peppers, vegetable fajitas, or curry tofu with peanuts.

3. Duke University

Duke university is renowned for its multicultural and extensive menu of meals available. You could order channa masala to give some Indian nostalgia or return to your roots with oriental dumplings. The menu remains attractive, with various vegan and vegetarian dishes served in the cafeteria.

4. Yale University

Keep your brain running and your stomach churning at an academically excelling university known for its facilities offered to students of all backgrounds. Spanning 20 dining halls, on-campus eateries, local cafés, and more restaurants. Yale is one step ahead of other institutes to provide only the freshest vegetables and fruits with its direct link to the local farmer markets and producers.

5. Northwestern University

Dining on campus at Northwestern University is an experience with a warm and welcoming ambiance paired with comfort and food. Northwestern University is a treat for vegan students. Tofu, French toast, mashed potatoes, jasmine rice, and other delicious meals are only a few of them. The food available here is excellent in both taste and health.

6. Cornell University

Peta2 ranks Cornell University with an A for its meal selection for vegan and vegetarian students. With a vegan item accompanying every dish and labels for non-dairy milk with vegan tags, Cornell university has made itself on this list.

7. Stanford University

Stanford has become the dream destination for many students globally because of its on-campus hustle and bustle and world-class educational standards. To promote healthy vegan diets, most of the menu items—more than 80%—are vegan and vegetarian. It is also one of the best vegan-friendly universities in the world. Beans, nuts, seed products, soy, lentils, and other food items popular among students are available.

8. University of Massachusetts Amherst

The University of Massachusetts has been named first on the list of the best campus food because it offers students a variety of wholesome vegan meals. Every meal is provided in a dining area, offering salad, soy milk, and vegetarian options. Vegetarian food is available on campus at the People’s Market and the Earth Foods Cafe. It ranks highly among the universities that encourage veganism.

9. Boston University

With the most dedicated cafeteria staff, Boston University enters this list as a strong contender for promoting and providing vegan meals and food courses with unmatched taste and hygiene. There are more than 85% vegan-friendly options on the menu. Vegan pancakes, vegan pizza, and other wholesome food items are all available.

10. Vegan-Friendly Colleges in India

Instilling a sense of inclusivity in students is essential at earlier levels of education, and schools in India strive to promote veganism. For example, at 21k School, this understanding is developed in students at all levels to encourage students further to eat plant-based meals.

After reading this, we hope you can rest easy knowing that veganism and studying abroad are compatible. The professionals at 21k School are only a phone call away if you intend to learn about any vegan-friendly university worldwide.

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