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The Oxford Test of English, one of the highly regarded English language proficiency exams, is a screening tool created by Oxford University Press to give English learners a simple and trustworthy way to demonstrate their ability to comprehend and proficiency in English for a variety of purposes, along with university admissions, work opportunities, and transport. 

This on-demand computer-adaptive English proficiency test is primarily for semi-English speakers functioning at the Common European Framework of Reference levels A1, B1, and B2.  

The Oxford Test of English: What Is It?

This acclaimed English language test was created in Spain a few years ago, in 2017. Since its creation, this test has received widespread acclaim, particularly from the Association of Language Centres in Higher Ed. In April 2019, at the 53rd IATEFL conference at the Tata Liverpool, it was officially launched internationally. The Oxford Test of English has been nominated for the 2020 e-assessments awards’ best assessment process.


The tests are conducted only at approved test centers. The name of countries that have these approved test centers are:

Algeria Argentina 
Brazil Bulgaria 
Chile Colombia 
Costa Rica Czech Republic 
Equatorial Guinea Germany and Austria 
Greece Honduras 
Italy Kazakhstan 
Palestine Nicaragua 
Peru Qatar 
Saudi Arabia Romania 
Slovakia Spain 
Thailand Turkey 
Ireland The United Kingdom

Who is eligible to take the Oxford English Test?

The fact that you are able to take the assessment without taking a specific preparation course is one of the course’s biggest benefits. A secondary school version of the exams for pupils between the ages of 12 and 16 was implemented in 2020.  

Should you Book a Test?

You can schedule a booking for the Oxford Test of English at any time of the year because it is quite flexible. To learn more and reserve a seat, you must get in touch with your nearest authorized test center. On the official website, there is free study material that you can browse.

Composition of the Oxford Test of English

The four components of the Oxford Test of English are speaking, hearing, thinking, and composing. The test can be taken independently or in combination with these modules.


Parts of the testExplanation 
Interview 8 oral questions about the main subjects will be asked.
Voice Mails Voice mails are divided into two sections: leaving voice mails and responding to them.
Talk A presentation of 60-seconds on the subject.
Follow up questions This section contains six questions pertaining to the subject of Talk Part 3 


Parts of the testExplanation 
Multiple choice with picture optionsThis section consists of five separate, brief talks or speeches, each with an image and a question.
Matching opinions and the people who say thema lengthy dialogue-based exercise that focuses on identifying opinions
Multiple choiceThis section consists of five brief talks or monologues, each with an image and a question.


Parts of the testExplanation 
Multiple-choice questions on short textsThis section consists of six brief writings with a single question.
Multiple matchingCandidates must match either six profiles to four texts or six phrases to three texts in this stage.
Gapped sentencesSix retrieved sentences are substituted in the text
Multiple-choice questions on a longer textFour questions are in the text of this section.


Parts of the testExplanation 
Email WritingCandidates must compose an email in response to the three prompts in this portion.
A magazine article or an essayThis task entails creating a magazine article on a significant topic, which could be a review or an essay.


You must confirm the costs with the regionally recognized test centers that administer the exam.  

Grade Scale

The following criteria underlie the distribution of the CEFR levels and test results:

Score Scale 51-6566-8081-9596-110111-125126-140

Conclusions and Recognition

Candidates who have completed all four speaking, reading, listening, and writing modules are given their results. These outcomes include a certification with a CEFR level and module-specific scores. A report card is given for each unit if the candidate completes all three. 

Candidates have the option of retaking their units in order to enhance their marks, and these enhanced results are represented on the certs. These test results are permanent, although some universities have deadlines by which they must be submitted.


What is the cost of the Oxford Test of English?

You must confirm the costs with the nearby authorized test centers that perform the exam.

The Oxford Test of English lasts for how long?

The listening, reading, writing, and speaking portions of the two-hour Oxford Test of English each last 30 minutes. The writing portion lasts 45 minutes.

Which English placement test is the best?

IELTS is one of the most esteemed and effective English placement exams. All English-speaking immigrant nations recognize this as the most reputable and popular English proficiency level.


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