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Ivy league universities are nothing short of the holy grail for individuals who want to pursue an education abroad. Famous names like Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth, and others regarded as the best in the world make up the list of Ivy League colleges.

In this article, our specialists at 21K School present the top four reasons to enrol in an Ivy League university for higher education. Reading this article, you will learn more about what qualifies a school as an Ivy League and why you should choose one. There are many life-changing experiences that one gains after joining an Ivy League university in addition to the social appeal of pursuing studies at one.

These Ivy League universities are likely to pique your interest immediately when you begin exploring the undergraduate and graduate degrees they offer.

The Ivies use a lot of resources to draw in students who are intelligent, motivated, and career-minded, just like you. Second, great institutions like the Ivies give their students tremendous support as they pursue careers of their choice. From law, arts, and medicine to electrical engineering and commerce, Ivy League schools help you excel in every field.

With tuition costs averaging between USD 55,000 and 60,000 annually, however, these institutions also frequently rank among the most costly ones in the United States and the world. Thankfully, they also offer top-notch financial aid in the form of scholarships for their most talented applicants.

3 things to consider before applying to an Ivy League School

  • Since admission to these premium colleges is difficult, you will need to meet the eligibility criteria that are substantially higher than those at any typical public institution. For instance, the overall admission rates in 2020 were under 10%.
  • Remember to review the admission standards thoroughly, including test results (GRE, SAT, LSAT, and GPA), recommendations, extra-curricular activities, and other academic achievements. They matter!
  • There are thousands of higher education institutes in the US, and many receive high positions in university rankings while asking for lower tuition rates. So, when looking for schools for higher education, focus on finding the one that best fits your unique requirements. 

Top 4 advantages of getting an Ivy League education

Effective Networking Possibilities

The Alumni network of the Ivy League traces its origins back to the 1700s. One of the best things about the Ivy Leagues is how strong the Alumni network is. A university’s Alumni network, which frequently extends far beyond basic college connections, is made up of all its graduates. The first job you do after graduation will most likely be through Alumni contacts.

The Ivy League is known for having robust and welcoming Alumni networks. It is a matter of pride to join an exclusive community of Alumni after receiving a top-notch education. And keeping in touch with them can impact your personal life and future job.

Resources of the Very Best

Get access to research and study materials created by some of the brightest brains by enrolling at an Ivy League school. Ivy League teachers have advanced degrees and are passionate about particular topics and issues. Research on these subjects for the institution is encouraged and frequently required of these professors. These thinkers produce novel hypotheses on subjects that students are already studying, giving them access to cutting-edge information at the right time.

Greater Starting Pay

According to a US Department of Education survey, graduates with a bachelor’s degree earn an average of USD 54,700 annually, while those with a master’s or higher degree average of USD 65,000.

According to statistics, attending an Ivy League school can increase your income even more than having a college degree.

Here are the figures:

Ivy League graduates’ annual average salary is:

  • Brown University: USD 67,500
  • Columbia University: USD 83,300
  • Cornell University: USD 77,200
  • Dartmouth University: USD 75,000
  • Harvard degree pays USD 89,700
  • USD 85,500 for the University of Pennsylvania
  • Princeton University: USD 74,700
  • Yale University: USD 83,200

Start Your Career Off Right

Leading multinational corporations often employ directly from the source since they recognise the Ivies as home to some of the world’s best and brightest pupils. Look at some of these compelling employment figures:

  • More than half of the 114 justices of the Supreme Court attended Ivy League schools. All nine of the current justices graduated from Yale or Harvard law schools.
  • Almost 35 of the CEOs on CNN’s top 100 startups list attended Harvard.
  • Organisations like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Citigroup have their top feeder schools at Penn.

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