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A law degree is one of the most highly regarded qualifications worldwide. It is a profession that offers excellent career opportunities. Being one of the oldest academic fields in studying law, especially on a global stage, has many payoffs. But that is when you can choose the right destination. There are many degree options which are degree and non-degree courses, which includes MBA, LLBs, LLMs, and Ph.D. Choose any of these if you want to become a lawyer and get paid off wonderfully, professionally and personally. 

Why Study Law Abroad?

There are many reasons why you should study law abroad. It includes:

  • Broaden your mindset about the law: Different countries have different legal systems. By studying law in the country, you want to practice; you get to gain knowledge about the law of the land and develop a larger perspective about it in general. Instead of only understanding law within the context of a single country, you get a big picture and a viewpoint that is boundary-free, and you can take on global challenges. It not only gives you a great skill set as a lawyer but also helps you become a global citizen, which employers, non-profits, and corporations seek.
  • Wide range of courses to choose from: If you dream of becoming a lawyer, there are many courses. The topics range from criminal justice, human rights, and social justice to public policy, environmental protection, healthcare, and more. Apart from getting firsthand experience of learning about the legal system of another country of your choice, you also get a new perspective of your country’s laws. It greatly supplements your degrees in history, international relations, political science, and more. 
  • Scholarships for more affordability: Worried about the cost of studying abroad? That should be the last of your worries as there are scholarships for students with excellent grades. There are many scholarships for law students who want their legal studies to be internationalized. 
  • Specialize in your niche skills:  Different universities provide different specializations in legal studies. You can aim to nurture your skills in the area of your interest and get into a booming career; for instance, if your area of interest is banking and financial law, then Switzerland is the best destination. If you want to pursue Technology and Law, the US is the ideal place. 
  • Get better opportunities globally: Are you a lawyer and want to pursue a job out of your country? Then study law in the country where you want to practice as there are some prerequisites and qualifications to work there. It also helps in landing a job in a multinational firm as you can use your expertise in the law of that country. 

Best Law Schools In the World

Some of the best law schools in the world to pursue your legal studies include:

·         Harvard Law School

·         Yale University

·         University of Waterloo

·         Monash University

·         Stanford University

·         University of Oxford

·         University of Cambridge

·         University of Sydney

·         University of Pennsylvania

·         Queen’s University

USP of Studying in the Top Law Schools

Some of the top international lawyers are those who have graduated from reputed law schools. What makes it necessary to study in these law schools? The difference lies in the quality of education they provide. When you study in top law schools, you are shoulder to shoulder with some of the best minds in the business. Additionally, it offers:

  • Vast specialization and extensive research: It gives you a chance to develop a career in various fields like diplomacy, politics, business, education, economics, and more. There are many research opportunities in these schools, which gives you an edge over the others. It helps you develop skills to become a competent attorney. 
  • Study under experts: The standard of teaching is high in top law schools, which is why it attracts the best minds from the home country and internationally. You get to train under experts, which gives you access to a better level of education and helps you in your future career. 
  • Better career opportunities: Studying abroad opens up many job opportunities not just in your home country but also in the country you graduated. The skills you developed while studying abroad appeal to your prospective employers. It shows your willingness to get out of your comfort zone, independent nature, and global outlook. These are the traits that are well sought. Law schools worldwide offer many internationally accepted courses where you can specialize in your area of interest. 

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